Popilush Inspires a Summer of Self-Love and Body Positivity

WILLIAMSBURG, Va., Sept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Popilush, the well-known fashion brand acclaimed for its stylish and comfortable shapewear, has introduced a heartwarming brand initiative aimed at promoting body positivity. This endeavor serves as a powerful voice for expressing the brand’s core values. By encouraging women to shed their body-related insecurities and embrace their summer bodies with confidence, Popilush ushers in a season of self-love and empowerment.  

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Central to this movement is Popilush’s unwavering dedication to promoting self-love, acceptance, and confidence among women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Acknowledging the unique challenges faced by women around the world, especially new mothers during their postpartum recovery, Popilush is committed to celebrating and empowering them to embrace their bodies and radiate confidence.

“Popilush believes in a revolution that empowers women to embrace their bodies, just as they are,” said Eve DeMartine, Popilush’s Co-Founder. “Especially for new moms, they often feel frustrated and anxious about their postpartum body. We can truly relate to their struggles and sincerely wish to help and support them, enabling them to embrace themselves with a more positive and confident attitude. We are championing the idea that your beauty doesn’t emanate from your body, but from your confidence.”

In realizing this idea, Popilush has also provided practical and insightful shapewear solutions designed for women who may grapple with feelings of self-doubt about their body shapes and sizes. Their shapewear products are carefully crafted to offer both comfort and confidence, enabling women to feel their best while embracing their individuality.

Additionally, aiming to resonate with women from all walks of life, particularly new mothers navigating the challenges of postpartum recovery, Popilush also offers a series of inspiring recommendations to help nurture body positivity:

  • Change your perception on self-confidence: try to understand that true beauty emanates from inner self-confidence rather than adhering to an idealized body image. Engaging in activities that bring joy and a sense of accomplishment can significantly elevate self-confidence.
  • Exploring styles that give you comfort and confidence: experimenting with different clothing styles and finding what brings personal comfort can be transformative. Discovering one’s unique style can make self-expression easier and bolsters confidence.
  • Prioritizing well-being: Taking care of your overall well-being through regular exercise, nourishing meals, and sufficient rest, which can lead to both physical and emotional empowerment.
  • Embracing positive affirmations and self-love: Incorporating positive self-affirmations and practicing self-love are vital components of the journey toward body positivity. Treating yourself with kindness and compassion paves the way for greater self-acceptance.

As the summer season unfolds, Popilush stands as a symbol of change, encouraging women to embrace their summer bodies with pride and self-assurance. The brand is looking to spark a wave of self-love that transcends physical appearances, nurturing a culture of acceptance, confidence, and individual beauty.

About Popilush

Popilush is an empowering, inviting, and fashion-forward shapewear line for women. Their mission is to highlight what women of all shapes and sizes love about their bodies and to promote comfortable confidence. Popilush gives all women the freedom and confidence to be themselves every single day with high-quality shapewear that comes in a diverse range of sizes and is exceptionally affordable for the high level of quality. While caring for its customers, the brand is also committed to caring for the environment. The brand uses rapidly biodegradable textiles for its clothing and uses less plastic when packaging them.

For more information about Popilush and its commitment to reshaping the dialogue around self-love and confidence, please visit , or engage with the Popilush community on Instagram @popilush.

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