Polygon Partners with Token||Traxx To Produce Multichain

London, UK, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WirePolygon, an Ethereum scaling platform onboarding millions to Web3, today announces a partnership with NFT music platform Token||Traxx™ ahead of its Token Generation Event (TGE) this month. The collaboration will allow Token||Traxx to leverage Polygon’s low-cost and interoperable infrastructure to build out its music NFT marketplace.

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Polygon Studios — the NFT and gaming arm of leading Ethereum scaling protocol Polygon — will also be offering grant funding to Token||Traxx’s new, independent music creator economy which is set to make a seismic paradigm shift within the music marketplace. The Polygon foundation will support the development of the Token||Traxx software and their emerging artists as they continue to grow their Web3 creator economy.

Token||Traxx is a new marketplace that redefines and enhances the value of music, by supporting and financially benefiting the entire music community using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) technology.

Token||Traxx will be multi-chain, using Polygon along with other networks including its strategic founder partner Zilliqa which it will bridge to later this year.

“NFTs have the opportunity to positively disrupt the music industry, providing creators with a greater share of the distribution rights while conveying verifiable ownership to fans. By leveraging Polygon to accomplish this goal, Token||Traxx unlocks the full potential of the Web3 creator economy and sidesteps the prohibitive transaction fees and latency associated with Ethereum,” said Ishan Negi, Chief of Staff, Polygon Studios.

“Token||Traxx is delighted to join forces with Polygon,” said Tim Gentry, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Token||Traxx and formerly global revenue director at the Guardian. “Polygon’s sustainable and ultra low-cost blockchain and interoperable ecosystem presents the perfect launchpad for the project. With cross-chain technology and cross-chain bridges in place Token||Traxx will run with increased elasticity, providing users with freedom of choice.

“Through Polygon’s novel Ethereum scaling solution, we will be getting excellent user experience with high-speed transactions, near-zero gas fees and superb community governance. Cross-chain capabilities will also maximise secondary NFT markets for us,” summarised Gentry.


Token Traxx Music Limited is not a regulated entity. Ownership of the tokens carries considerable risk and should not be contemplated by anyone who does not have specific knowledge of the use, purpose and transmission of tokens. This Press notification is not an offer to sell or promote the sale of tokens. Token||Traxx tokens will be unregulated and will not be sold as an investment. The sale of tokens when it occurs will be subject to satisfactory compliance with all laws and regulations relating thereto and to purchasers entering binding contractual terms. The use of the Token||Traxx platform and participation in the marketplace and use of the Token||Traxx token to engage with the functionality provided by the platform and marketplace will be subject to separate terms and conditions.The Token Traxx token (TRAXX) is available for purchase by SORS DIGITAL ASSETS LIMITED (SORS) which is registered as a VASP in accordance with the rules of the Central Bank of Ireland.

Token||Traxx™ is the Trading Name of Token Traxx Music Limited registered in England under Number 13753129


For further Press information:

Token||Traxx: Anthony Burr, ab@tokentraxx.com Tel: +44 7766 459 469

Polygon: Cryptoland PR Polygon@cryptolandpr.com

About TokenIITraxx
TokenIITraxx has a mission is to be at the centre of a new independent music creator economy, providing a platform driven by NFTs, that redefines and enhances the value of music, which supports and financially benefits the whole community.

TokenIITraxx celebrates and rewards the unique symbiosis of ‘The 3C’s – Music’s Creators, Curators and Collectors’ and their specialist contribution to the discovery and adoption of global music engagement.

TokenIITraxx offers financial independence and creative freedom. For more information, visit www.tokentraxx.com
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