Plant Boutique ‘Paudhe Se Yaari’ Launches Second Store across India

  • To Help Bengalureans Hone Their Green Thumbs in Style

  • Bring Homes & Workspaces to Life with Unique Plants, Designer Planters, Essentials and Accessories


Paudhe Se Yaari’, a plant boutique and nature-inspired studio, has expanded to the garden city of Bengaluru with an outlet in Koramangala. The boutique commenced Bengaluru operations recently having the who’s who of Bangalore attending the inaugural function.


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Gunjan Domingo (in centre) alongwith her partners at the Launch of the store Paudhe Se Yaari recently in Bangalore


The Bengaluru launch follows the successful run of ‘Paudhe Se Yaari Gift-A-Plant Concept Store’, which opened its doors in Hyderabad in August 2017, and a thriving online store catering to customers across India at


Paudhe Se Yaari promises to transform spaces and bring them to life with a unique range of plants in unconventional and biophilic designs.


“The Hyderabad experience gave us the confidence and motivation to expand and open a new store in the garden city of the country, Bengaluru. We are very excited and partially anxious to welcome you to our efforts of bringing sustainable plants, planters and more to Bengaluru’s homes and workspaces. The intent is to give people a visual treat and help them give their balconies, gardens and dwelling spaces a new lease of life. The mission is to reconnect people with nature and share our love for plant styling with all. We love what we do – helping people bring their outdoors in,”

 says Gunjan Domingo, Founder of Paudhe Se Yaari.


Paudhe Se Yaari is different from other nurseries in its focus on styling plants with a creative eye and imagination. It also works with artists to add an original touch to the collection. Blending the creative with the natural beauty of plants creates signature aesthetic options, which have proven to be highly successful at the Hyderabad boutique among end-users and gifters alike.


“It is absolute bliss and brings meaning to our lives for being a medium between creativity, nature, and people. To wake up and create something beautiful related to the botanic line is indescribable. Also, seeing and meeting people who share the same experience is enriching,” adds Domingo.


The new boutique in Bengaluru is located at 880, 6th block, 6th cross, Koramangala Club Road, Koramangala, Bangalore 560095. For further information please log on to

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