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Pimax Launching PCVR Store by the End of March 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pimax Innovation, a technology company specializing in advanced virtual reality hardware products announced plans to launch a Pimax branded store before the end of March 2022. Initially, this store will contain PCVR software titles optimized for the Pimax family of VR headsets. While Pimax headsets are already compatible with SteamVR and Oculus software titles, the store titles will be preconfigured and often optimized for the best possible experience.

The Pimax Studio

To foster new and exciting app development, Pimax has established the new Pimax Studio dedicated to leveraging creative talents and software that pushes the limits of immersive VR. Pimax has also launched a series of developer support programs collectively called the Pioneer Plan, which provides many early benefits to developers who provide content for the Pimax store before the end of March 2022. Those that participate in the Pioneer plan can receive funding, hardware, localization, marketing, store integration, etc.

It is Pimax’s intention to push boundaries and match software fidelity with both current and future Pimax hardware. To achieve the best outcome possible, it is often necessary for teams to consider the hardware capabilities at every stage of the development process. The Pimax Studio is designed to greatly enable future titles to achieve this goal.

The Pimax SDK

Once the content is adjusted for the Pimax SDK, optimizing unique features such as our ultra-wide FOV and high resolution dramatically improves the performance of the content.

Partnership between Pimax and iRacing. Pimax VR headsets will deliver the most optimum experience of playing iRacing games.

Upcoming Software Releases and Partnerships

Our partnership with iRacing was revealed recently in which the two companies are collaborating on future improvements and hardware support to further solidify Pimax headsets’ “irreplaceable standing” in simulation games. In addition, “Hyperstacks,” “Vermilion,” “EVERSLAUGHT,” “Vengeful Rites,” “Warplanes: WW1 Fighters,” and “OVR Toolkit” are a few of the first titles planned for release within the Pimax Store. In this process, Pimax Studio will provide several initiatives that include release support, technical help for the porting process, developer tool support, and store operation support, among other services.

Pimax Store to Offer VR 3.0 Content and Omni-AIO content late in 2022

The Pimax Store will eventually accept a wide range of VR content, including VR games, VR applications, and VR media and entertainment videos.

On October 25th, Pimax held the Pimax Frontier event where we announced the VR 3.0 generation of headsets. Later in 2022 Pimax will include a selection of stand-alone titles designed for Pimax NEW hybrid PCVR/Stand-Alone Technology called OMNI-AIO. These titles will be compatible with the upcoming Pimax Reality Series headsets to allow completely cable-free content at any location with almost no setup time. If you have not seen the presentation, you can check it out here: – it is well worth watching to see the future of VR.

The combination of Pimax’s advanced hardware and high-fidelity VR content has the potential to create some of the most immersive VR experiences available. Interested developers are encouraged to contact the Pimax team at

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