Peter Rodes Appointed as the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of HealthWorksAI

HealthWorksAI, an industry-leading B2B SaaS healthcare analytics company today announced the appointment of Peter Rodes as the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). HealthWorksAI™ is one of the leading healthcare data analytics companies in the US providing healthcare payers with rapid access to actionable insights for expansion in Medicare Advantage.


Peter Rodes


As an industry veteran, Peter has rich experience featuring leadership roles at renowned firms such as HealthNet, BlueCross and BlueShield affiliates like HCSC (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas) and Direct Marketing Agencies. He has been instrumental in nurturing the fledgling ‘ideas-on-a-napkin’ into robust strategies that resonate with clients, mainly focusing on innovative solutions for Medicare Advantage.


Mr. Rodes is well-poised due to his deep industry understanding and startup agility which are expected to be a catalyst in shaping products that are a testament to innovation and customer-centricity. Peter is also keen in fostering deeper engagements with HealthWorksAI’s customers, intending to glean insights into their evolving needs and aspirations. This move also reinforces the brand’s commitment to placing customers at the heart of its innovation journey, a testament to its ‘Product First’ strategy.


On his appointment, Peter Rodes, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer said, “Joining HealthWorksAI feels like a homecoming and celebration of sorts. The opportunity to serve the Medicare Advantage and broader insurance industry with technology and insights has always been a passion of mine. Through the HealthWorksAI solutions, we are poised to unlock the insights that Health plans need to fuel their organic growth and to better serve their customers.”


On appointment of Mr. Peter Rodes, Arvind Nagpal, Founder and CEO of HealthWorksAI, said, “Peter embodies the Trusted Partner and Pay-it-Forward values combined with a curious mind that have been the cornerstones of our growth. His transition into this pivotal role heralds a phase of renewed vigor and focused growth at HealthWorksAI, driven by a leader who’s not just familiar but has been an integral part of our story. Together with the remarkable team we have in place, Peter is set to spearhead a journey centered on partnerships and customer-centric growth.”


HealthWorksAI also takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to its customers and partners for their unwavering trust and belief in its products, which fuels its commitment to innovation and excellence.

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