‘Perform Your Way To Success’, A Motivational Bestseller Book by Babita Rani

Delhi, India

Every New Year’s Eve, we commit ourselves to another interpretation of ‘New time, New me’. Rewinding to the last time, or perhaps two or three years, we are all aware that all of us have made numerous resolutions and also broken them. Either way, it’s been going on for a while, and inescapably, we end up asking ourselves ‘How many times do I’ve to try this to succeed?’


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Author Babita Rani with her book ‘Perform Your Way To Success’


The honest answer is ‘Forever’, because there will always be new changes we would want to make – a new person we will want to become. And that’s okay. Growth is what life is all about.


Babita Rani, a highly qualified and educated professional is here with her new book ‘Perform Your Way To Success’. The book is a homage to her late husband and covers eleven secrets which can help an individual to achieve a holistic peak performance. She watched her husband practice those secrets in real life and achieve great things. The book explains how by espousing a set of eleven principles numerous people can lead fulfilling and successful lives. We too can separate ourselves from the crowd and increase our chances of achieving greatness. This book is now an amazon bestseller and is a useful read for people of all age groups. ‘Perform Your Way To Success

’ can help us ameliorate our lives, no matter the peer group. Motivating ourselves can be a tricky thing originally, but if we embrace it in the long run, it ’ll yield great results. The life lessons in each chapter can help people change themselves and if they inculcate even one of them in their lifestyle, they will become a better version of themselves. This book will be a great starting point for a successful journey.

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