PeLocal One – Step Payment Platform Launched

PeLocal, a Chennai-based digital platform has officially announced the launch of its services to aid vendors and customers with payment management.


The platform started to digitize last-mile bills and become an everyday payment app of choice for the households provides an easy and quick one-step payment option to pay multiple monthly bills which includes newspaper, milk, daily grocery, flowers, local cable or broadband, coconut, water supplies, car wash, electricity dis-coms, gas supply, and municipal corporations bills.


PeLocal, which has already hit 50k transactions within the first three months of its pilot along with digitizing last-mile bills also helps in setting up clusters that will connect with various merchant groups/associations at a local level to get more merchants on board with the digital forum.


PeLocal support team also assists merchants in uploading their customer base and provides any support required in transactions which include easy payment transactions requests and reminders.


“PeLocal has been started to address the last mile digital bill payments need gap. The vendor payment landscape unfortunately is still largely dominated by last-mile manual bills and transactions of paper currency. Currently, these bills are mostly paid in cash leading to various inconveniences in payments and tracking of the bills. We plan to eliminate this part of the business and completely digitalize it by providing round-the-clock services and support to replace manual bills. Also, each household has to pay multiple monthly bills in cash or in-person to the vendors, we plan to unify these payments on a single digital platform. In a nutshell, PeLocal is aimed at revolutionizing the way merchants can receive and manage payments for the services provided to consumers while at the same time bridging the gap between merchants and consumers envisioning our idea for being for ‘Vocal for Local

’,” said Vivekanand Tripathi, Co-founder, and CEO of PeLocal Fintech, Pvt. Ltd.


PeLocal is currently working on scaling up its platforms to expand transaction options, add features, open more cluster offices and continue to grow in an accelerated way to be the top one-step bill payment platform in the market. PeLocal also creating a  network and give comfort to customers & merchants in onboarding enterprises at local levels. These include electricity dis-coms, gas supply, municipal corporations, cable/broadband companies etc.


About PeLocal

PeLocal is a digital software and application platform that provides fuss-free business solutions for all payment needs with a simple app. The application uses the best of technologies out present in the market to ensure seamless and fast payment settlement services for all kinds of vendor payments instantly. Envisioning the idea of being ‘Vocal for Local’, PeLocal aims to bridge the gap between merchants and consumers by replacing last-mile bills payment and digitizing the entire process. The application makes the lives of merchants easy by providing them a platform to manage customers, request payments, reminders to customers for payments. At the same time, the application simplifies the process for customers by providing payment options from anywhere by clicking the payment link received via an SMS, WhatsApp, or Dialer, 24/7/365 activation to improve conversion rates and resolve transaction issues faster and minimal data requirement for transactions. 


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