“Papa Chahe Jitna Gussa Karlein”

This year’s Father’s Day reflects the gradual return of old habits, and our ability to communicate in person, after two years of possible social distancing, is all the more reason to rejoice. Archies, India’s market leader in the social expression industry, celebrates Father’s Day By dedicating a digital campaign, across their social media platforms, highlighting that fathers are always thinking about their children, family and its future, ‘Papa chahe jitna gussa karlein.


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A snapshot from the campaign video 


It goes without saying that we should express our gratitude to those who brought us into this world every day. Gifts have significant symbolic value, and such occasions are special. The campaign is designed around how a father is always worried about their children and their future. They keep pushing the children for the best. However, the little child is always aware that no matter how angry his father may get, he is always thinking about his family and loves his children immensely. On Father’s Day, the brand takes the initiative in honouring our personal superheroes while crafting emotive stories to honour the father-child bond.


Speaking about the campaign, Mr Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director – Archies Limited, India, said “When we were planning the campaign we kept circling around the same thought that no matter how angry or casual fathers can get but they are always thinking about their betterment of their family. While each day we should celebrate our family, father’s day deserves a little extra effort for the man who has been running the show. Archies has always been the pioneer in celebrating emotion through our merchandise and feel it is time that our campaigns reach each screen. Each child, we feel, should understand the happiness behind receiving and gifting a greeting card or a souvenir from their loved ones and Archies takes pride in being the pioneer in this gifting business. We will keep coming up with such campaigns on each occasion dedicated to family and friends.”


Link for the Video: Instagram


About Archies Limited, India

Archies Limited operates a chain of stores that sell greeting cards and gifts. The Company retails photo albums, baby books, jewellery and accessories, gift hampers, perfume, stuffed toys, and other gifts. This Company has grown with the spread of modern culture, increasing urbanization and improving standard of living. Adorability and sentiment drive its brand appeal to all age groups and demographics. Archies has enormous ranges which have established exemplary mastery over its large network of distributors, retailers, and franchisees. This Company is consciously targeting malls and other prime retail space for opening its own stores. Archies Limited currently operates 230+ exclusive outlets in 15 states, 66 cities and nearly 300 franchise outlets across India and neighboring countries.

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