Panel Hosted by PromoMii In Partnership with BFI, Sageworx Productions, and PACT Reveals Key Industry Opportunities Using A.I.

LONDON, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PromoMii, a game-changing media technology start-up disrupting the content management industry with their A.I. platform Nova hosted an invite-only panel discussion ‘Future Tech: New Tools in Video Production & Archiving, with a Focus on A.I.’ alongside the BFI, Sageworx Productions, and PACT. The Zoom based discussion had 25 guests from specialist professions in the media industry.

The panel discussed A.I.’s undeniable role in disrupting the content creation industry and concluded that, besides its ability to save time and costs, the deep search of content and metadata enrichment unlocks large archives for audiences and identifies unexpected gems that would otherwise be missed by editors.

‘Technology can help us find specific people, words, and images in our content in a short amount of time. If you can’t find the footage, then you can’t use it. A.I. can enable you to see what you don’t normally see. Especially when dealing with large amounts of content. Some of my clients have over 30,000 hours of footage. It’s critical to be able to find and create more creative opportunities with what you already have’, Marc Calamia, CEO of Sageworx, said.

Sageworx Productions is a coalition of top independent creators brought together to produce integrated brand marketing solutions from independent professionals — multidisciplinary strategists, designers, technologists, and producers— for the purpose of solving immediate marketing challenges.

‘In this digital age we all have big video archives just on our phones. 30,000 hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube every hour,’ says Lester Mordue, President of Promax Europe and Chairman of PromoMii. He continues, ‘We are all film directors and archivists of our own. It’s amazing the libraries people have, let alone if you’re a business. The amount of content just keeps growing. Trying to find what you got in your libraries, assess it, and review it is a huge challenge’.

Speaking about PromoMii’s A.I. tool Nova, Mr. Calamia says, ‘I like to lean into the tool to find interesting things that I wouldn’t notice on my own. It unlocks something new which is really exciting from a creative aspect. Instead of one gem, the A.I. discovers five and we can string those together. This is something unexpected which is exciting to an audience. The discovery process really unlocks the creative potential’.

To this, Jules Robinson, who represented PACT and facilitated the discussion, added, ‘A.I. fuels the creative process’. Jules prompted the speakers about what the core needs of the industry are, any challenges in using A.I., and what the future holds in terms of technological innovation.

PACT is the UK screen sector trade body representing and supporting independent production and distribution companies. Situated across the UK, Pact Members are responsible for making and distributing some of the world’s most critically acclaimed and popular TV programmes and films.

‘The desire to inspire and give access is why we’re here. A.I. will unlock our archives for audiences,’ said Helen Edmunds, Head of Archive Collections at BFI.  ‘Ten years ago, we did a project called Britain on Film where we pulled ten thousand films from the archive manually, with a human eye, and got eighteen million views. Imagine what you can do when unlocking one million films to audiences using A.I.?’

The BFI (British Film Institute) is working with PromoMii to identify how might A.I. help unlock the National Archives for wider audiences. The BFI has one of the largest and most important moving image archives in the world with over one million video clips, films, and historical footage.

An interesting challenge, according to Helen Edmunds, is how A.I. tackles historical footage. ‘Will a place filmed in 1910 still be identifiable in a piece of footage of the same place from 2010?’

Speaking about using PromoMii’s Nova A.I., video editor and media consultant Mads Jorgensen says, ‘I recently had a job where I was given a 30-minute audio recording, with a lot of repetition and retakes. Instead of listening to the recording over and over, I could search the audio and find the best take in record time’.

PromoMii revolutionizes the video content editing and archiving process by giving users the ability to deep search their content using specific words, characters, emotions, or moments. Their A.I., Nova, is the first platform ever to use computer vision and machine learning in this way to recognize footage and analyse content so that it becomes directly searchable as any search engine.

Since its launch as fully SaaS in April 2021, there have been over one million searches made through Nova every month, and over 1000 hours of footage uploaded, with a user base growing by 60% week on week. Nova currently has over 1200 users with a user retention of 80%, including international content producers, studios, and broadcasters, who use the tool to analyse their content and build an indexed and navigable library.

For a short demo to further explain Nova’s functionality:

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