Pancham Dham Trust in the Direction of Propagation of Sanatan Culture in South Asia; to Commend 5th Journey from 30th May at Siem Reap, Cambodia

Pancham Dham Trust, supported by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, to commence its 5th journey from May 30 in the direction of propagating Sanatan culture at Siem Reap, Cambodia. RSS National Executive member Dr. Indresh Kumar will be leading this cultural journey of India.


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Pancham Dham Yatra


In the year 2018, the foundation stone for the construction of the temple of Lord Mahadev was laid inside Siem Reap, Cambodia. After this, every year hundreds of devotees go to Cambodia to visit Mahadev. A holy river in the name of Kulin Devi flows in Siem Reap, it is believed that the couple who takes a holy dip in the river, bears a child. This holy river flows uninterruptedly, nourishing the Sahastra Shivling. The city also houses Angkor Wat, the largest Vishnu temple of Lord Vishnu.


The Foundation Day was a spiritual journey into the teachings from the Vedas and Upanishads. As instilled in the preaching of ‘Sanatana Dharma‘; the way of life where the glory of Sanatana Dharma is beset with jewels from across the globe with a singular focus being the world is one with all faiths in their understanding and that progress is from the subtle to gross; from the ‘many’ to the ‘One’, from the low to the high, from the form to the formless. Sanatana Dharma differs from other walks of life, only in having a word of sympathy and promise for every sincere conviction, wherever and whatever it may be, as constituting a step in the great ascent to the highest human perfection.


Sanatana Dharma‘, implies a code of human conduct, a set of tenets have handed down from time immemorial. Seers and preachers of Sanatana Dharma have been providing discourses on a wide-ranging set of topics covered including the shastras and modern life, the Vedas, their content and purport, the sanskaras (purification ceremonies), dharma common to all and the duties specifically enjoined on people in the four stages of human life. Like the word ‘yoga‘ occurring in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘dharma

‘ defies precise definition. It could mean one’s duties linked to one’s class and stage in life. Or it may refer to different areas of general human conduct, as for instance discipline, manners, management, and law. That one has to follow the ‘dharma‘ prescribed for him and it is hazardous to tread on what is ordained for another is stressed in the Gita in two places.


The Char Dhams in India were established in 1000 BC for the propagation of Hinduism. The banks of the Kulin River flowing in Cambodia are being revered as the 5th Dham. Pancham Dham Trust has the support of many organizations and religion lovers. The construction of a grand temple of Lord Shiva is being done in collaboration with the well-known expatriate of London, Sailesh Lalchu Hiranandani and many other expatriates.


The Pancham Dham Yatra is slated to begin on the 30th of May till 5th of June and is expected to host prominent people like Dr. Indresh Kumar, Shyam Parande, Swami Yatindranand Giri ji, Dandi Swami Anantanand Saraswati ji, Swami Chidanand Saraswati ji, Anil Thakur, RSS and other officials of RSS, businessmen including Aman Nath, Author, Architectural Restorer, Founder and Chairman, Neemrana Group, Navratna Agarwal, Director Bikanervala Group, and many other high-profile delegates from leading organizations.


The people associated with the Trust are actively involved in this campaign and are traveling. Apart from India, a large number of overseas Indians from other countries in South Asia will be participating in this journey.


During the yatra thousands of devotees are expected to visit the site from all over the world. The program to be held in Cambodia will have Bhajan Samrat, Anup Jalota along with Apurva Khandelwal performing at the religious and cultural presentation. In this yatra, the foundation of “Sanatan Sanskar Meditation Center” is to be laid on the land of the institution on 2nd June.

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