Pacmanverse Announces Play-to-Earn Games

Los Angeles, CA, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Pacmanverse team is pleased to announce its play-to-earn game that is designed to reduce the unemployment rates across the globe. The team is passionate about leveraging the power of the blockchain to create a source of income for online game players. 

According to the team, “The world of the play-to-earn token is increasingly important and looks carefully at the future evolutions of the blockchain and the world economic system. With the ever-increasing loss of jobs, Pacmanverse goal is to allow people to earn by playing a game that even the “less” experienced can do. With this, we will be able to reach a much greater audience than our competitors and allow everyone to earn a passive income.”

The team has rolled out multiple income-generating offers for players. Some of these include:

Ready-to-play games

Unlike some projects that keep their users waiting for months before rolling out their games, Pacmanverse has already created its play-to-earn games. Prospective players are encouraged to visit their website and check their demo games out, a way to feel the game and check its features out before committing themselves to them.

Passive source of income

Pacmanverse also allows its users to make money passively. Each token holder will receive BUSD each time a transaction is made on the platform, each time a user plays, and for each operation a user makes on the marketplace. Users are offered multiple ways to generate an income passively while using the platform.

Meme, NFT, and branding potential 

The team explained that it already has the NFTs ready and promised to make them visible to users before the official launch. Their unique NFTs are integrated into the blockchain and game and can be used as avatars.

Besides that, the NFTs will offer rewards multipliers, a special in-game bonuses while users are allowed to sell and buy NFTs they earn within the marketplace, another income-generating opportunity they can take advantage of to multiply their earnings.


The Pacmanverse token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000. The token type will soon be made public.

Buying and selling on the platform attract a 10% fee. Rewards fee is pegged at 4% while auto liquidity and marketing fees stand at 2% and 4% respectively.

It should be noted that the integration of the first game with blockchain should be ready tomorrow with rewards staking in Pacman. This will be followed with the pinball the next day.

The team also explained that it has started the development of flappy Pacman and will inform its community of users as events unfold.


• Presale: 30%.
• Burned: 6%.
• Private sale: 8.3%.
• Team locked: 10%.
• Liquidity: 15.8%.
• Stacking reward and CEX: 30%.

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