Over 1.27 cr cases disposed of in National Lok Adalats


New Delhi, Jan 12 (IANS) A total of 1,27,87,329 cases were disposed of in four National Lok Adalats, which included 55,81,117 pending cases and a record 72,06,212 pre-litigation cases, the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) said on Wednesday.

Before the organisation of each National Lok Adalat, multiple interactions were organised with the Executive Chairpersons of all the State Legal Services Authorities, wherein one-to-one interactions were made to take stock of the preparations as well as to boost the morale of the stakeholders tasked to organise the Lok Adalats, it said in a statement.

A cumulative effect of all the preparatory and mobilisation measures resulted in extraordinary disposal figures during the year 2021.

Noting the major contribution to this success can be attributed to the technological advancements, it said, in June 2020, the Legal Services Authorities integrated technology with the conventional modes of dispute settlement and introduced virtual Lok Adalats also called as ‘E-Lok Adalats’.

All the Lok Adalats including National Lok Adalats are organised through virtual and hybrid modes. To provide an unhindered experience during the proceedings, the Legal Services Authorities across the country are continuously upgrading their digital infrastructure, it added.

The Authorities have witnessed that a large number of persons joined the virtual proceedings sitting hundreds of km away from the physical location where the Lok Adalat was organised. Technology has also provided effective ways of supervision and monitoring of Lok Adalats.

During the year, the category-wise list of the disposed of cases was topped by the criminal compoundable cases, wherein a total number of 17,63,233 such pending cases and 18,67,934 pre-litigation cases were disposed of. The second in line was revenue cases consisting of 11,59,794 pre-litigation and 14,99,558 pending cases. Apart from these, the other disposed of cases were cheque bounce cases under NI Act, bank recovery cases, motor accident Claims, labour disputes, and matrimonial cases.



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