Optoma Delivers Uncompromising Big Screen Experience, in Any Space


TAIPEI, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Optoma, the big screen expert leading the industry for more than two decades, has long been dedicated to developing projectors applying to any kind of space. In the first decade of its establishment, Optoma, with its technique capability, was one of the very first brands to introduce short-throw projectors. And within the last ten years, Optoma has also developed short-throw and ultra short-throw projectors for home market, aiming to create the big screen experience even in a limited living space.

Optoma Creates Uncompromising Big Screen Experience, in Any Space

Projectors have been meant for creating big images. However, the way a projection is created – the farther the projector is placed, the bigger the projection; the closer the projector, the smaller the projection – has made a standard throw projector difficult to create big images in a limited space. As living spaces have become smaller, which have made a designated home theatre space more difficult to build, also as people have expected projectors to be more like TVs, on which they could watch the news, watch TV programs, watch sports games, or even play video games, projectors have been destined to evolve.

With that in mind, Optoma introduced its first short-throw home projector in 2010 and right away made an impact in the home market. The advantage of a short-throw projector was that it could be placed in around 1 to 1.7 meters to the wall and create a 100-inch image. Since it did not need to be placed far away, the short-throw projector could be placed, for example, on an end table in front of the viewers. And when the viewers needed to stand up, they did not need to worry about blocking the projection. This short-throw design was particularly appreciated by the video gamers at the time, due to its convenience during game time. While pairing with the Microsoft Xbox console and Kinect interactive sensor which came out almost the same time, the short-throw projector became the perfect companion for the big screen gaming experience.

As projection technology advanced, Optoma continued to develop next-level short-throw projectors for home, with enhanced performance and features. In 2019, Optoma introduced CinemaX 4K UHD laser ultra short-throw projector series. With ultra short-throw lens design, the projectors could create big images in even smaller spaces. While enjoying big screen home entertainments, people could also enjoy the smart features, which allow video watching online, screen casting from mobile devices, and IoT connectivity.

Moreover, since 2020, Optoma has invested in the enhancement of the gaming features on projectors, supporting up to 240Hz refresh rate at Full HD resolution with input lag below 20ms. Then in two years, the enhanced gaming features have even supported input lag down to 4ms. The latest CinemaX D2+ laser ultra short-throw projector and upcoming GT2160HDR short-throw projector also support up to 60Hz refresh rate at 4K UHD resolution with 16.7ms input lag.

Mr. Gordon Wu, the Head of Optoma Asia stated, “For the past 20 years, Optoma has been dedicated to creating uncompromising big screen experience in any kind of space. Home projectors, due to its price range, performance, or limitation in brightness, used to be owned solely by audio/video enthusiasts who tended to have an ambient light proof home theatre space. However, with the advanced projector technology, the ever-changing home entertainments, and especially the impact of recent pandemic, the demand for projectors with short-throw or ultra short-throw designs has been increased. According to PMA Research reports, since 2019, the sales quantity of short-throw and ultra short-throw projectors in Asia has been increased exponentially. While owning 30% of the home market share, it is expected to reach more than 40% in 2025. Optoma, as the leading force in the market, is to continue to create the big screen experience in any space.”

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