OpsCanvas Emerges from Stealth Mode with its Cloud Deployment Solution Using Generative IaC

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, OpsCanvas, Inc., marked a significant milestone as it emerged from stealth mode, showcasing its Draw & Deploy platform engineered specifically to address the unique cloud deployment challenges SMBs face. DevOps expertise is increasingly difficult to find and retain, so OpsCanvas is delivering a solution to enable the entire engineering team to easily deploy their software to the cloud. Current tools are designed with large companies in mind with the capacity to make significant investments in DevOps expertise, tooling, and consultants. OpsCanvas enables SMBs to unlock the full potential of the cloud.

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Generative IaC: Powering Swift, Secure, and Seamless Deployments

At the heart of OpsCanvas lies its Generative IaC technology. It analyzes application architecture diagrams to deterministically create known-good Infrastructure as code, which reduces the time, effort, and risk associated with manual scripting. The OpsCanvas platform generates more than 10,000 lines of custom configurations in less than 30 seconds. With the Generative IaC capabilities, the platform automatically generates the IaC code required to successfully deploy secure applications to the cloud. This accelerates development, decreases operational overhead, and reduces potential security risks when deploying software.

One-Click Automation for Enhanced Efficiency and Precision

Deployment processes often encompass numerous steps, each being a potential point of delay or error. OpsCanvas addresses this by providing a seamless one-click automation for common deployment tasks, from provisioning managed services to spinning up containerized applications or micro-services to deploying, cloning, updating, rolling back, extending, and decommissioning resources. OpsCanvas enables developers to achieve efficient deployments without being bogged down by intricate manual procedures.

“OpsCanvas focuses on resolving the staffing challenges in DevOps and cloud skillsets that often hinder organizations. Our software does the heavy lifting to simplify deployments, enabling businesses to accelerate their operations,” said Brian Kathman, CEO and co-founder of OpsCanvas. “By utilizing our Generative IaC technology, companies can ensure swift and secure precise deployments without compromise.”

Other key features:

Security and Accountability: OpsCanvas encodes best practices, creates a standardized network topology for the user’s applications, and removes the need for custom-developed IaC. OpsCanvas makes deployments more secure by generating well-tested configuration code that is hardened and is not subject to the small mistakes that create big security holes and enormous debugging times.

Seamless Integration with Existing Workflow: Many integrations with third-party CI/CD tools and services to enable smooth collaboration and streamlined processes.

Centralized Management: OpsCanvas offers a comprehensive view of all application diagrams in a single pane of glass, providing development teams with 360-degree visibility into which applications are running and the option to launch the application into a new environment with a single click. It also stores application-specific details, such as the number of stored versions and deployment status, and provides the flexibility to preview applications.

Pricing and Availability:

OpsCanvas is available immediately at on a subscription basis.

About OpsCanvas:

OpsCanvas’ primary focus is on simplifying cloud deployments by automating the creation of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Our mission is to accelerate the deployment time for cloud-native applications while addressing the issue of scarce technical resources. By automating the deployment process and incorporating built-in best practices, OpsCanvas eliminates the need for specialized IaC expertise.

To find out more information about OpsCanvas, visit our website here.


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