Oomiji Launches New Segmentation, UX and Reporting Features

NEW YORK, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Oomiji, the first predictive, conversation-enabled customer data platform, announced today a suite of new features to help brands better understand and engage their customers, including enhanced content measurement, social media integration, audience segmentation and automation.

“Oomiji was born out of the wine and luxury-brand use case, and we’re constantly evolving the platform to deliver the spectacular results our clients and their discerning customers demand,” said Jon Stamell, CEO of Oomiji. “The new features we’re launching today represent incremental improvements that will help brands leverage the most valuable capabilities of our Customer Data Platform, and we get more excited about our product every day.”

The new features, which are integrated with Oomiji’s comprehensive Customer Data Platform, enhance user experience and business value. Details include:

  • Content clicked in an email is now measurable and can connect with the specific email address of the individual who clicked.
  • Clients can create segments of people who clicked on different links for greater content optimization and granular insights.
  • Seamless shareable links and optimized URLs for social media.

“The primary advantage of our platform is that you can market directly to your customers’ specific interests and needs,” Stamell said. “If you can monitor what links a particular individual clicks on, you not only know what content to send them in the future but, more importantly, you know how to begin an online conversation with them.”

Stamell added, “Social media can’t connect our clients with the specific email of a person who reads a post. Oomiji can, and that opens up a lot of opportunities to increase communication and engagement.”

About Oomiji
Oomiji is a Customer Data Platform that enables clients to build customer relationships based on their interests, needs, perceptions and emotions. The result is increased engagement, loyalty and sales. Oomiji enables brands to pose questions to their customers, analyze their answers and segment audiences by way of surveys, language processing and analytics. It drives engagement and business outcomes by facilitating customer communication based on stated emotions and interests rather than past behaviors. Oomiji’s integration of market research, CRM and email marketing produces new vantage points from which to see issues, solve problems and engage audiences.

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Hugh Moore
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