OncoDynamiX announces “Successful Cancer Treatment – Precise, Targeted Treatment For Maximum Benefit.’


Sucessful Cancer Treatment - Patient Testimony

Cancer patient recovers from Uterine Cancer

The new cancer treatment is having amazing success, with patients’ tumors reducing and life expectancy increasing by fifteen years.

‘This technology is disruptive and revolutionary in cancer treatment; We save lives and reduce the cost of cancer treatment, impacting more than 30 million cancer patients today.”

— George Molakal-Global Director

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, October 9, 2022 / — OncoDynamiX announces “Successful Cancer Treatment – Precise, Targeted Treatment For Maximum Benefit.’

The patient was suffering from Uterine Serous Adenocarcinoma Patient.

In her own words about the success of the treatment using Oncodynamix – Oncemblex Platform.

I’m a 62-year-old endometrial cancer patient. For the past three years, I have suffered from this disease. When my condition worsened and flared up again- my treatment options dwindled, and I was recommended to palliative care with weeks more to live. But then, thankfully, my surgical oncologist friend suggested we do something different for me. To decide what would be best for me in the future – he made me an offer to analyze some reports with these people in India called OncoDynamiX. After analyzing my case reports (including whole genome sequencing), OncoDynamix sent us back personalized recommendations. They used the Oncemblex platform and recommended drugs based on a clinical trial which they said would suit my needs best. As a result, my quality of life has improved dramatically in the 11 months since starting the course. Now I can do things independently without fear or worry clouding over what tomorrow may bring!

ONCODYNAMIX uses two Platforms to assist Cancer Patients, using 1500 cancer pathways, 15 million data points, patient biomarkers, and cell genomics.

NEOTOX is a novel, novel data-driven methodology for pragmatic precision medicine, which is a non-NGS route to personalized cancer therapy. The Technology predicts the clinical outcome of a cancer patient to specific Cancer to a specific drug or combination of drugs. It validates in a 3D environment in the lab before summarizing each patient.

Sundaresh Babu, CEO of OncoDynamiX, stated: The Oncemblex Technology can analyze and recommend treatments for cancers with greater than 85% cell death efficacy, even in Stage 4 cancer. As a result, we see patients recovering completely from Cancer – living normal lives.

ONCEMBLEX, which is a genomics-driven methodology for precision medicine in Cancer. The workflow utilizes cutting-edge protocols in NGS for an exhaustive set of genes relevant to Cancer– be it known, targetable signatures, or drivers and passengers of unknown significance. This Technology enables us to pinpoint the best drug or combination of drugs with maximum therapeutic benefit.

Sundaresh Babu
OncoDynamiX Life Sciences
[email protected]



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