On October 9, 1996, Three Scientists Were Awarded the Nobel Prize for Discovering C60, or Carbon-60

National C60 Day Buckyball

National C60 Day

Nobel Prize in Chemistry for C60 Molecule

Nobel Prize in Chemistry for C60 Molecule

Forbes feature, C60 Molecule Could Be the Best Thing for Anti-Aging

Forbes feature, C60 Molecule Could Be the Best Thing for Anti-Aging

Every year on this eventful date, National C60 Day is celebrated, to memorialize and create awareness of the amazing molecule we know as C60.

On National C60 Day we recognize the scientists who discovered the amazing molecule Carbon 60 and it’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn more about C60”

— Jessica MacNaughton, CEO ShopC60.com

BOULDER, CO, USA, October 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — October 9th is National C60 Day. You may know C60 for its incredibly powerful, antioxidant properties which neutralize free radicals, lift the oxidative burden, and optimize mitochondrial function. But did you know that C60 is so powerful that it may support your wellness right down to the very cellular level?

C60, also known as Buckminsterfullerene, was first discovered in 1985. 10 years of experimentation by a group of scientists led to the award of a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. By 2010 human studies had demonstrated C60’s effectiveness at lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and in 2012 a groundbreaking experiment showed C60 to increase the lifespan of rats by an astounding 90%, making it one of the most well-known analyses of C60 to date.

In 2016, research scientist and biogeochemist, Ken Swartz established C60 Purple Power, which can be found online at ShopC60.com, with the goal of offering consumers the highest quality, 99.99% pure sublimated Carbon 60, made with only 100% certified organic, healthy oils. This breakthrough was followed shortly thereafter by the release of C60 for Pets in 2019, then flavored C60 in 2021, the first ever edible massage oil in 2022 and, most recently, the introduction of the world’s first C60 gummies, with a delicious tart cherry flavor.

ShopC60.com is notable in that they offer only the highest possible quality C60 products.. What sets manufacturers apart is how they purify C60, and many of them use solvents to extract it, in what is known as the oven-baked method. C60 Purple Power, on the other hand, available only at ShopC60.com, purifies their C60 through a process called sublimation. This results in 99.99% pure, sublimated C60, giving consumers a cleaner product with absolutely no exposure to solvents in the manufacturing process. .

Backed by science, all ShopC60.com products are produced in an FDA compliant, GMP certified facility and tested by a third party for the highest purity, quality, concentration, and bioavailability.

“On National C60 Day we recognize the scient ists who discovered the amazing molecule Carbon 60 and it’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn more about C60,“ said Jessica MacNaughton, Chief Executive Officer at Shopc60.com and C60 Purple Power.

C60 has been called a “free radical sponge” due to its unbelievable antioxidant properties, and countless benefits. C60 is completely natural and is actually found in the carbon-rich atmospheres of giant red stars. C60’s antioxidant power is several hundred times higher than that of conventional antioxidants, which is what sets it apart. It works at the cellular level to lift the oxidative burden and enhances mitochondrial function.

C60 continues to be studied by scientists around the world, and these studies continue to reveal further new, beneficial properties and potential health and wellness benefits. For example:

– A 2007 study found that C60 in human mast cells lessened allergic reactions and related inflammation.

– A 2009 human study found that C60 could promote hair growth by combating oxidative damage around the hair follicles.

– In a 2010 human study, C60 was found to protect human skin cells against ultraviolet damage.

– In a 2010 double-blind, human study, it was found that when applied topically, C60 was effective at lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you would like more information regarding C60 research, please visit: https://WhatIsC60.org

To learn more about National C60 Day, please visit: https://NationalToday.com/national-c60-day

To try C60 products for yourself, please visit: https://ShopC60.com

C60 Purple Power and ShopC60.com is dedicated to helping people take back control over their health, by offering the highest quality products backed by 99.99% pure sublimated Carbon 60, (never exposed to solvents), and made with 100% certified organic oils. The company is comprised of passionate, health and wellness advocates, who are intrigued by the science of Carbon 60 and inspired by the body’s potential and ability to heal itself. Visit them at https://ShopC60.com.

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