On National Entrepreneurs Day, Razorpay Launches Brand Film, ‘Believe’, An Ode To Every Founder’s Journey

  • The film championing the journey of founders comes at a time when India is riding high on the wave of entrepreneurial spirit

  • Highlights how with Razorpay, founders don’t have to walk alone on their path of trial and tribulations, and successes


Reiterating its commitment to supporting and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of founders, Razorpay, India’s Leading Omnichannel Payments, and Banking Platform for Businesses, has launched its new brand film, ‘Believe’. Launched on National Entrepreneurs Day, the film is an ode to the spirit of self-belief and conviction entrepreneurs showcase throughout their journeys. 


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Razorpay Brand Film, ‘Believe’


The film aims to highlight that while everyone celebrates the success of these trailblazers and game-changers who have put the nation on top of the startup table globally today, very few focus on the nuances of their journeys which play a crucial role in their victories. Having partnered with Footloose Films to conceptualize and co-create the film, Razorpay has vividly captured the story of every founder’s journey in under 3 minutes, encapsulating their triumphs, and challenges throughout, from starting with that simple idea, and relentlessly braving through all possible odds till the end. 


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Apuarv Sethi, VP, Marketing, Razorpay


Launched on Razorpay’s social media platforms – Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram, the film brings this message alive through the lens of a successful founder who after five years of starting his company, gives in a moment of retrospection and reminisces about his journey – one filled with big challenges and equally big successes. He reflects on his founding journey of how it all began, right from quitting a high-paying job and comfortable lifestyle to having nothing but a vision and conviction, from being a CEO to a receptionist, from pitching his idea to others to sometimes having to convince even himself, from moments of solidarity with his supporters to moments of deafening solitariness – he reflects on everything that’s brought him to this moment of success and realizes that the one thing that kept him going was his – Belief. 


Commenting on the launch of the brand film, Apuarv Sethi, VP, Marketing, Razorpay said, “With this brand film, we are pumped up to drive home the message that entrepreneurial spirit must be celebrated, appreciated, and supported, not limited to just their successes. At Razorpay, we have consistently prioritized our mission of empowering founders and facilitating their success by proactively identifying their challenges and pioneering innovative solutions well ahead of the industry curve. Having experienced the entrepreneurial journey firsthand, we deeply understand the hardships and obstacles founders frequently encounter. This film, therefore, reiterates our vision that no founder will ever have to walk this journey alone.”


He added, “India, being home to the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, is a true testament to the mindset and purpose-driven outlook that our entrepreneurs have brought about. From curating swift and seamless money movement outlets across borders to providing robust capital support, Razorpay has been walking along as a trusted payments partner with these entrepreneurs, supporting & championing them in their journey.” 


Directed by Ishaan Gaur, and Indrasish Mukharjee, the entire film is a vivid montage of instances and moments filled with ups and downs, curveballs, and swift wins peppered with what seem like endless failures, that not only strike a chord with young founders and seasoned ones, but are relatable to any and every founder. 


Razorpay is rooted in its belief to enable and empower entrepreneurs and we are extremely proud of how the same spirit has been translated in this brand film. We would like to describe this film as ‘Behind the scenes with Razorpay’. With this piece, we wanted to give a heartfelt shout-out to the entrepreneur community. Strip away the glamour and the numbers and take a look at what goes on behind the curtains, all the ups and downs, the stellar human stories behind these giant names and achievements. And we felt if someone could do justice to this story, it would be us,” said Indrasish Mukherjee, Creative Director, Footloose Films.


Razorpay empowers businesses of all sizes with its comprehensive and expansive product portfolio, right from offering PG services to POS Solutions, Business Banking, Rize Community, Payroll solutions, and more, seamlessly helping founders outgrow the ordinary. By constantly shouldering businesses, Razorpay has remained true to its core value of serving the startup ecosystem in India. This film comes after the widely successful campaign of Razorpay ‘Imagined By AI’ showcasing 45 founders in 45 days and narrating their stories through AI.


About Razorpay

Razorpay, India’s leading omnichannel payments and banking platform helps Indian businesses with comprehensive and innovative solutions built over robust technology to address the entire length and breadth of the payment and banking journey for any business. Established in 2014, the company provides technology payment solutions to over 10 Mn businesses. Founded by alumni of IIT Roorkee, Shashank Kumar, and Harshil Mathur, Razorpay is the second Indian company to be a part of Silicon Valley’s largest tech accelerator, Y Combinator. Marquee investors such as Lone Pine Capital, Alkeon Capital, TCV, GIC, Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital India, Ribbit Capital, Matrix Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Y Combinator, and MasterCard have invested a total of $741.5 Mn through Series A to F in funding. A few angel investors have also invested in Razorpay’s mission to simplify payments and business banking and redefine how finance works in India.


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