Numix Industries Starts Transforming the Nutrition Bar Industry in India

The increasing awareness around physical health and fitness in the post pandemic era has revolutionized the notion of immunity, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, our staple “three meals in a day” is inadequate for fulfilment of nutritional needs and good health. This deficiency of nutrients in our daily diet has led to the emergence of the trend “healthy snacking”, which forms the genesis of nutrition bars.


The demand for a commodity that is easily available, tasty, palatable, and yet healthy is giving the bars market in India a big boost. The market is expected to grow at 30% CAGR in the next 3-4 years. One of the major players in the nutrition bars market: Numix Industries Pvt. Ltd., is emerging as a go to co-manufacturer of bars in India. While there has been a large untapped market for bars in India, the market has lacked a quality co-manufacturer with in-depth research and development facilities. Many startups, who forayed into nutrition bars, have been using small-scale setups for development and manufacturing. Many large companies are now showing an interest in this category owing to the rapid growth prospects, consumer awareness, and availability of facility that caters to global standards of quality.


Numix is solving the problem of quality co-manufacturing by providing services like ready-product for easy launch, new product development and co-manufacturing of client’s ready-formulation. With its goal to develop convenient and healthy nutrition bars from concept to consumer, Numix is the first of its kind, high quality cGMP compliant nutrition bars co-manufacturing facility in India that has world-class operations catering to global standards of quality and production. Numix has a diverse ready-product list of nutrition bars that are already FSSAI approved. Apart from that, it is a one-stop solution for “product ideation to shelf” where one can develop and create new products.


This exceptional facility operates on complete automation and has two manufacturing lines, Cold Extrusion line and Sheet and Cut (Slab forming line). Both the lines are facilitated with enrobing technology that can deliver base enrobed or fully enrobed nutrition bars. Numix has a large capacity and can produce 10 tons of nutrition bars per day. The facility complies to the latest cGMP guidelines and all high care areas are class D classified i.e. Hepa-filtered temperature & humidity controlled air. Numix is built keeping in mind the demand and growth nutrition sector would face, hence it has fully equipped labs with amenities for macro and micro tests, and accelerated shelf-life stability tests.


Recently, a bar co-manufactured at Numix ‘Unlimited Nutrition’s IN2 Balance Bar’ was accredited by GQ as the top ranked bar in India. Numix has also joined hands with major nutraceutical giants and has helped to diversify their brand portfolio with inclusion of nutrition bars.


Numix Industries is the brainchild of Mr. Anish Garg who has over 10 years of diverse experience in nutrition industry. He has built the company with a vision to transform the nutrition market through development of innovative nutritious products, and nutrition bars is just the beginning! Mr. Garg says, “There’s a huge latent demand for Nutrition bars in India and there is a gap in quality manufacturing and that’s the void Numix is filling. Having said that, Numix indeed forms the bridge between major brands and superior quality co-manufacturing.”


The transformation of nutrition market has just begun and is going ahead rapidly. Though nutrition bar market is at the nascent stage, this field holds a very strong potential for expansion and growth. Consumer awareness and demand for health foods is giving the industry a push towards healthy products. With the rising mindfulness about the benefits of this niche category and a wider variety we are going to witnesses a rapid adoption of nutrition bars in the country.

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