Novart Digital Announces Capital Raise on Netcapital

Mobile game developer offers AI and machine learning enabled mobile applications with focus on predictive apps

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, Aug. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Mobile game developer Novart Digital today announced plans to raise up to $1 million in a Regulation CF offering on the Netcapital platform.

Novart is a US-based mobile game developer and publisher with an experienced development team in Turkey. The company develops artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled gaming and non-gaming mobile applications, with a particular focus on predictive apps.

Novart currently owns three mobile apps, with two ready for launch and five more under development. The apps are used for such purposes as fortune telling, soccer and horse race outcome predictions, and a social platform connecting persons in need with service providers and benefactors.

“This capital raise will help us to turbo charge our existing fortune telling apps and introduce them in new languages, such as Arabic, for expanded distribution in the Middle East, where this practice is very popular,” said Max Khan, CEO of Novart. “In addition, the money raised will enable us to expand and market our predictive gaming apps to broaden our markets globally.”

Novart sees a strong market for its apps, as Global Games Market Report estimates the world’s 2.7 billion gamers will spend more than $200 billion by 2023. Turkey, with more than 30 million gamers, is the top gaming market in the Middle East, where mobile gaming is growing 25 percent a year, fastest in the world, according to Newzoo.

TZ Tahmin, Novart’s soccer prediction app, targets the soccer betting market, not as a betting app, but as a tool to provide predictions on game outcomes, starting with the Turkish soccer league, with future plans to launch a version targeting European soccer fans. The app uses a unique crowdsourcing model to predict outcomes, rather than traditional spread-based betting models.

Helponn is a social platform part of Novart that connects people in need, individuals, companies, non-profits and groups. With Helponn, users can discover people in need around them and help them by creating social helping tasks.

“Our main goal is social change,” said Khan. “Individuals and companies can use Helponn to find projects that match their personal or corporate social responsibility goals.”

Efsun and Fusun, the company’s fortune telling apps, are very popular in Turkey and Novart plans to expand their distribution to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Europe and other Turkic speaking countries.

Novart apps are free to download. The company’s monetization strategy is based on rewarded ads, in-app purchases and, in the case of gaming apps, subscriptions.

Information on the offering on Netcapital can be found here:

About Novart Digital

Novart is a US-based mobile game developer & publisher with an experienced development team in Turkey. Our mission is to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled gaming and non-gaming mobile applications with a particular focus on predictive apps. Our initial focus is to turbo charge our existing fortune telling apps and introduce them in different languages starting with an Arabic version. Our predictive apps include soon to be launched horse race betting. We have a low-cost strategy to publish multiple gaming apps on a monthly basis.

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