No Budget Babe Featured as Narcity Canada’s Official Money Coach

No Budget Babe collaborated with Narcity Canada to publish the online series, All Things Money.

UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 / — Nicole Victoria, Founder and CEO of the No Budget Babe brand, is the official money coach for Narcity Canada. Together, the platform and finance expert have published a web series titled All Things Money, launched in Spring of 2021.

Narcity is a North American digital media publisher targeting its news stories, feature stories, and expert advice to millennials and the Gen Z demographic. As one of the fastest growing online publication sites, the platform seeks to connect users with up-to-the-minute information and news relevant to their geographic location and lifestyle.

No Budget Babe advocates for financial literacy and provides money coaching which challenges standard budgeting advice based on scarcity, instead teaching a wealth and abundance mindset. Nicole Victoria founded Budget Babe to help women in their 20s and 30s take ownership of their finances and learn to leverage wealth into their ideal life. The brand continues to receive industry accolades and rave reviews from its students.

“To partner with Narcity and provide education and oversight to such a vast audience is an honor,” says Nicole. “Through the All Things Money series, we’re laying a foundation for smart money management through education, real-life examples, and practical success tips. My goal is to challenge what viewers think they know and present a healthier way to approach money and the concept of wealth.”

The All Things Money video series featured on Narcity’s website provides a wealth of information with relevant references and savvy advice. Featuring tips on homebuying, internet bill negotiation, and other money management strategies, the series contributes to Narcity’s overall mission of providing meaningful content, connection, and news to its audience.

Nicole Victoria is a financial literacy advocate and entrepreneur who transformed her path to financial freedom into the No Budget Babe brand. Nicole helps her students understand the strategies for attracting wealth and leaving behind the scarcity mindset attached to traditional budgeting tactics. Through its unique philosophy, No Budget Babe teaches students to understand the true value and purpose of money and achieve the lives they desire.


For more information about No Budget Babe, please visit “No Budget Babe Reviews” or You can also find No Budget Babe on Facebook, and Instagram.

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