NNRC Retirement Homes Launches NNRC ELCA Comprehensive Elderly Care Centers in the City for Senior Citizens

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

NNRC ELCA, located at Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is an assisted living facility for senior citizens. NNRC ELCA specialize in personalized assisted daily living care, transitional/post operative care and palliative care. NNRC ELCA understand that each individual is unique and requires different levels of care. We have curated customized services and programs to address these needs. Our center has adept senior healthcare professionals with in-house doctor and 24 hours nurses, who are willing and ready to be with you or your loved ones whenever they need help, for as long as they need.


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NNRC ELCA was started by Mr. Dhinakar Perumal, who has also started NNRC Retirement Community, in Coimbatore. He says, “NNRC ELCA was created as a medical support system for his NNRC Retirement Community family members. The first time I planned for NNRC ELCA was when one of our NNRC Retirement Community customers had a difficult time to take care of his day-to-day activity after a surgery, and he asked me to find a place for his post-operative care. When I searched for one, I realized that there are only a few elder care centers. I can foresee that many of our NNRC Retirement home family members may require such services in the future and hence started NNRC ELCA. Initial I named it as as NNRC’s ELCA (ELder CAre) center – with a apostrophe s and later changed the name to NNRC ELCA for easy use.”


He adds, “NNRC ELCA – Elder Care center is open for any elder who needs our service. However, NNRC Retirement Community Phase 1 customer will get a good discount at NNRC ELCA. There is a big need for Elder Care service in Tamil Nadu. Kids settling abroad, increasing ageing population are some of the reasons for the big demand. I have customers from all round India – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra and even from North India. Coimbatore generally is a preferred place since there are very good hospital infra structure, less pollution, and reasonable cost of living among other reasons. Location of NNRC ELCA closer Airport and Hospitals makes it ideal for supportive care services.


NNRC ELCA comprehensive elder care center, focus on quality of life improvement for their customers. Various activities for Body, Mind and Soul are given to keep our seniors engaged and entertained. NNRC ELCA is associated with various leading hospitals for speciality treatments and also have in-house doctor and 24 hours senior nurses. Dentists, ophthalmologist, psychologist and psychiatrist visits are scheduled regularly and on need basis.


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