NF Healthcare, the Leading South Korean Oxygen Solutions Brand, Launches New Range of Oxygen Generators in India

NF Healthcare, a leading manufacturer and provider of PSA Oxygen generators, launched their unique and highly efficient MOSS 1800F product, with a capacity of producing up to 1000 + LPM of medical graded oxygen (with purity of 93+-3%), in India. NF Healthcare, with the support of its South Korea based parent company, has been in the Indian market for the past two years, supplying Indian hospitals and healthcare centres with 4 unique products, with varying oxygen output capacity (LPM – litres per minute), designed as per the Indian needs. Now, with the backdrop of the impending 3rd wave, the company launched another innovative product that is set to empower hospitals to not only cater to the need of patients during a pandemic but also provide them with 93+-3% pure oxygen.


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Jae Joon Woo, Vice President NF Healthcare Corporation (South Korea) and Mark Matthew, COO NF Healthcare India at the launch of MOSS 1800F Oxygen generator


Currently, the company markets 4 different products in the country, with differentiated yet scalable oxygen output levels (LPM – litres per minute), allowing hospitals to meet the dynamic oxygen demands. The machines in the market right now, include the MOSS 80: with 7.5-8 LPM output, the MOSS 150: with 15 LPM output, the MOSS 300: with 30 LPM output, and the MOSS 450: with 45 LPM output. The newest entrant to the market, as was launched, is the MOSS 1800F with an oxygen flow rate of 180 LPM or 10.8 Nm3/hour. Having said, the USP of the product is that it can be modulated to provide up to 1000 + LPM oxygen and cater to the fluctuating demand of any hospital or medical care centre. 


Speaking on the event, Jae Joon Woo, Global VP & India CEO, NF Corporation, said, “India has been an important market for us and we are honoured to be able to provide some help and support to the people of India during the crucial months of the pandemic, through our oxygen generators. As a South Korean Company with speciality in medical grade oxygen production, we feel there is a lot that we can offer, in terms of product innovation and healthcare technology, to the fast growing medical and healthcare sector of the country. With this launch, I believe that we have taken another fruitful step in strengthening the trade relationship and friendship, with India. As per India’s vision to forge the strength of its healthcare infrastructure, we will always be a brand to support this vision.


Mark Mathew, COO, NF Healthcare India, added, “In the backdrop of the COVID crisis, the Indian medical and healthcare infrastructure really stepped up and evolved rapidly. From faster technology adoption and focus on building a robust infrastructure, to the evolution of quality patient care at home and through online consultations, the sector has developed drastically. With the new MOSS 1800F machine, we hope to further assist and empower the Indian medical staff and strengthen the overall healthcare infrastructure, in the long run. With its several unique attributes, including agility, scalability, energy efficiency and ease of operation, the new MOSS 1800F is set to become a key differentiator and also be a part of the growth story of the Indian medical and healthcare sector. With a supportive dealer network, we aim to achieve a target of 500 installations before the end of 2021, across the country, to start with.”


NF Healthcare currently operates through B2B partner channels and has considerable presence in the states of UP, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and all-over North-East India.


Some of the unique features of MOSS 1800F include the use of PSA i.e. pressure swing adsorption technology to produce Oxygen with 93+-3% purity. The machine gives an oxygen pressure of 4.5-6 bars, and is easy to install on existing oxygen supply system, and is sufficient to run all hospital equipment, making installation easy. One MOSS 1800F can supply medical oxygen equal to 50 D-Type cylinders per day. Design and built of the machine are also compact and aesthetic. The Stainless steel body ensures hygiene, ease of transportation and installation. It also makes the device weather proof. MOSS 1800F is also well designed to occupy less space {4200mmX500mmX1375mm (LXBXH)} vs all other machines present in the market for similar oxygen flow. Hence no additional costs which come with structural changes and rearranging the layout. The compact design allows the possibility to connect upto 6 parallel machines, within one machine, to ensure a backup, in case if one machine stops, the others still work thus assuring dependability. Minimum noise level of 60db as compared to other machines, ensure the least disturbance to your staff and patients. Lower power consumption of 11.6 kw/hr compared to any other machine in the market. Huge cost savings guaranteed with a one-time investment. Easy maintenance without interruption in supply of oxygen.


In terms of agility and scalability, the turn down ratio of the machine varies from 10% to 100%, which means flow rates can be increased or decreased as per user requirement, making it easy to scale up or scale down production. It also comes with Oil free compressors, so no possibility of oil vapours in oxygen. High quality oxygen, guaranteed every time. Further, versatile machine allows Medical Oxygen output to increase from 180 LPM to 1000 LPM by adding more units in series.


With a mission of “Saving Lives”, NF healthcare allows the Hospitals and Medical institutions to have their own Oxygen supply systems than being dependent on Oxygen cylinder vendors. We all saw that during covid times, the demand for medical oxygen cylinders increased manyfold. However, there are a few problems with oxygen cylinders. One – the purity of oxygen supplied can never be assured. Secondly, there is always some volume loss while using them. Thirdly, its highly labour intensive as you need 24X7 Manpower to monitor the oxygen cylinders. With NF’s technology, the brand aims to disrupt this market and upgrade hospitals with new and latest technology.


NF healthcare has built up a robust service team which supports customers with installations & all service-related issues to ensure continuous working of machine.

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