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Next Earth Token proposal with 5k BNT co-investment goes

Budapest, Hungary, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireNext Earth, the upcoming metaverse, has successfully submitted a proposal for liquidity in Bancor. The proposal to whitelist Next Earth Token with a co-investment of 5,000 BNT will likely slide through the scrutiny as there are no known security and legitimacy concerns related to the project. The voting will take place when the Next Earth Token goes live.

A multitude of metaverse projects are going live these days, and passing scrutiny can be challenging. Therefore, achieving whitelist status is crucial for the projects to do business. The liquidity proposal on Bancor is an ideal start for the Next Earth project aiming to make its mark in the fast-rising metaverse arena.

Project Next Earth has a good head start when attracting an audience in the metaverse realm. Despite the competition, the project has massive potential. It aims to facilitate true virtual land ownership via the NFT-based model. Additionally, the disintermediated financial system and secure community governance deliver a highly seamless DAO experience.

NXTT – Understanding Next Earth’s native token

The native token of Next Earth, NXTT, is an ERC-20 wrapped token that will power the next Earth ecosystem’s transactions. From buying virtual land to staking, almost every transactional business will be conducted using NXTT as per details mentioned in their whitepaper


Being disinflationary, the platform aims to burn tokens after every transaction to maintain equilibrium. Fair distribution and value-centric tokenomics are central to Next Earth.

Initially, the Next Earth project will begin with 1,000,000,000 NXTT tokens. Whenever a first virtual land sale occurs, 5 percent of the transaction amount will be burnt in NXTT. In second-hand sales, the token burn will be limited to 1 percent in NXTT. Staking will also empower the Next Earth community with token burn amounts ranging from 1 percent to 20 percent for various transactions.

Next Earth marketing goes full steam ahead

Belkin Marketing will be handling the entire marketing spectrum of the Next Earth project. The project is already making waves on major social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

Both Bancor and Next Earth are natural partners when it comes to DAO governance and decentralization. Next, all eyes are on voting where the community is likely to welcome Next Earth with open hands.


Gabor Retfalvi


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