New Tech Platform HallIV Gaining Popularity with Digital Entertainment Creators

Up until now, for a decade or so, the OTT platforms have worked on the subscription model to stream mainstream films, TV shows etc. Now there is a new player, HallIV (Hall Four), a platform that has its focus on both, the content creator and the viewer. Ready for its launch, HallIV has already created a buzz in the right circles, with over 100 hours of quality content. HallIV’s commitment to empowering creators and fostering creativity is being seen as a game-changer for the entertainment industry.


HallIV provides an unprecedented opportunity to orchestrate theater-like launches on a wider scale, reaching audiences beyond geographical constraints. HallIV’s platform becomes a virtual global cinema, connecting creators directly with viewers in real-time, regardless of their location.


Sagar Agrawal, CEO HallIV shared, “At HallIV, we have a democratic and profit-sharing model for creators of content. It is a platform for all feature length content, from Stand-up comedians to podcast, movies to documentaries, TV series to collection of short movies, this is a one-stop solution for all content. HallIV is giving standup comedians a platform to launch their Specials. It provides regional movies a platform to go National and International soon.


Speaking on the benefits to the end-consumer, Sagar Agrawal said, “For the user it is the end of having to pay for subscriptions and not having a say in the content provided. With HallIV, one pays only for what you see. This also ends up supporting the artist directly.”


At the heart of HallIV’s groundbreaking solution is its patented PPE Technology, which is set to redefine how creators launch and distribute their content. HallIV is currently open exclusively to a select group of creators who have successfully passed the screening test. These chosen artists will have the unique opportunity to leverage the platform’s innovative features and showcase their work to the world.


Explaining further, Ashish Mohan Chief, CTO HallIV said, “With PPE (Pay Per Eyeball) module, creators will be able to set their own prices for their work, giving them the autonomy to determine the value of their artistic endeavors. This personalized approach ensures that each creator can cater to their specific audience and connect with viewers on a deeper level. The PPE Technology aims to democratize content distribution by eliminating the one-size-fits-all pricing model. Creators will now have the flexibility to cater to diverse audience segments and regions, making their content more accessible to a global audience while ensuring fair compensation for their efforts.”


Retaining Ownership Rights for Long-Lasting Impact

A common concern for creators has been the loss of ownership rights over their work when collaborating with traditional distributors. However, HallIV’s PPE Technology, backed by a patent, ensures that these select creators retain full ownership of their content. This revolutionary feature enables them to build a long-lasting legacy and make decisions regarding their work’s distribution, remuneration, and accessibility on their terms.


A Beacon for Regional Content

One of Hall-IV defining strengths lies in its commitment to promoting and distributing regional content. While mainstream cinema dominates traditional movie theaters and OTT platforms alike, Hall IV’s personalized content platform ensures a diverse library that caters to individual viewer preferences. By prioritizing regional creators, HallIV bridges the gap between regional and mainstream cinema, offering audiences a rich tapestry of content from different cultures and backgrounds.

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