New LI-Ion surface mount battery contact clip

LI-Ion battery clip

LI-Ion battery clip

LI-Ion battery clip

LI-Ion battery clip

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A great alterative to the regulars battery holder!”

— Memory Protection Devices Inc.

FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK, USA, September 21, 2023 / — 18650 battery contact clips are multifaceted components commonly used in a variety of applications that involve 18650 batteries. These clips are designed to securely hold and establish electrical connections with the positive and negative terminals of the 18650 batteries. Some common applications where you can find 18650 battery contact clips include:

1.Flashlights: Many high-quality flashlights use 18650 batteries as their power source, and contact clips ensure reliable electrical connections within the flashlight housing.

2.Portable Electronics: Devices such as handheld radios, GPS units, portable fans, and other small electronic gadgets may use 18650 batteries, and the contact clips help to connect the batteries to the circuitry.

3.Power Banks: Some power banks utilize 18650 batteries to store electrical energy. The contact clips play a crucial role in connecting the batteries and transferring power to the output ports.

4.Laptop Battery Packs: Certain laptops and notebook computers use 18650 battery packs as their internal power source.

Contact clips facilitate the connection between the battery cells and the laptop’s power management system.

5.Electric Vehicles (EVs): Some electric bikes, scooters, and small electric vehicles use 18650bateries in their battery packs, and contact clips enable the connection between the battery cells and the vehicle’s power system.

6.DIY Projects: Hobbyists and makers open use 18650 batteries for various DIY projects. The contact clips allow them to create custom battery holders or integrate batteries into their designs.

7.Solar Power Systems: In some cases, 18650 batteries are used as part of solar power storage systems, and contact clips are used to connect the batteries to the charge controllers and inverters.

These are just a few examples of the many applications where 18650 battery contact clips can be used. Their versatility, compact size, and ease of use make them an ideal choice for applications that require dependable battery connections.

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