Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting Recognizes Tax Increases Hurdles, Offers Specialized Tax Reduction Strategies

david nettles

David Nettles

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, May 30, 2022 / — David A. Nettles is the owner and founder of Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting, a firm that specializes in tax reduction, value analysis, and real estate valuation and research. His company uses advanced software, private market data, and incomparable negotiating skills with the appraisal boards to ensure that each case is approached with full dedication and passion for customer service. Mr. Nettles also puts forward personalized customer service to make sure customers are satisfied with every detail of their cases as he works tirelessly to provide them with maximum results in all aspects of property taxation law.

David Nettles started his company after the mortgage meltdown in 2008 when he realized that there were no firms that offered property tax reduction services for homeowners. Nettles decided that he could use his degree to create Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting and help homeowners with their property tax reduction needs.

A homeowner applies for Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting services to have their house analyzed so Nettles can identify why the price of their home has been placed above what Nettles believes they should be assessed at. Nettles uses a 3-step approach to reduce property taxes:

Step 1: Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting will first analyze the reasonableness of the value assigned to a property which will save homeowners money by eliminating appraisal complaints, lawsuits, and tax refunds for the overpayment. Nettles does this using advanced software that allows him to review data from every property in a market area as well homeowners. Nettles will obtain the current market value through their custom-designed property data collection process which includes Nettles personally scouting comparable properties in person and taking high-quality, digital photographs of each home to supplement Nettles software evaluations.

Step 2: Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting prepares a tax reduction strategy for their client. Nettles uses standard submarket reports to identify the tax impact of changes in property value, recently sold homes that are comparable or superior to Nettles client’s home. Nettles will then assist clients with negotiations with local taxing authorities for an assessment reduction and/or a refund of previously paid taxes.

Step 3: Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting helps homeowners avoid predatory lending and tax lien sale problems by filing a quiet title action to remove Nettles client’s property from the public records of delinquent taxes that lenders and investors use to establish priority over Nettles client’s homes. Nettles will then assist the client by negotiating a pay- off of the lien with Nettles tax-collecting client.

Nettles can also help homeowners avoid foreclosure by filing an assignment order after Nettles’ quiet title judgment is granted so the client can pay their delinquent taxes. Nettles can then file a petition for title with the county registrar so clients’ homes are free and clear of any claims.

Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting provides unparalleled service and results for its clients in the areas of property valuation and research, real estate investment strategy, tax reduction strategy, tax lien avoidance, and delinquent tax relief. Nettles is the only firm that provides individual attention to each client, which ensures Nettles will maximize investments and protect their homes at all costs.

When Nettles Co. analyzes a property, they determine how much the house could be worth if sold on the open market, taking into consideration its age, size, quality of construction, and location. They also analyze real estate sales in the client’s neighborhood to see if there are properties similar to them that have recently sold for more than what they owe in property taxes. If so, Nettles Co. is able to get the county tax assessor to estimate what the house would sell for on today’s market, and then they would negotiate with the tax assessor on the client’s behalf to reduce the value of their home. Nettles Co’s analysis can also be used if when getting an appraisal for any purpose other than property taxes, such as refinancing or insurance purposes.

Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting is the only company in America that does this type of unique appraisal and Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting can save customers thousands of dollars each year on taxes, while still maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting was started by David Nettles of Nettles & Co. after he saw a need for tax reduction, value analysis, and real estate valuation and research after the mortgage meltdown in 2008. Nettles & Co. Property Tax Consulting has been successful in tax reduction for an average of over 30 percent for its clients. Nettles and his staff understand the worry and concern that comes with tax increases. Nettles also offers personalized customer service to ensure that each client is taken cared of.

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