NEET Registrations Closing on 9th March, Check All You Need to Know

The clock is ticking for all NEET aspirants as the registration deadline for NEET 2024 approaches rapidly. Only 5 days remain until the NEET 2024 registration closes on March 9, 2024. For those who have not yet applied, now is the time to complete your application to avoid any last-minute hassles. Check the official NTA website to apply –


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 The must know NEET 2024 updates


In recent years, the number of students registering for NEET has been on the rise, with 1,872,339 students registering in 2022 and 2,087,462 students registering in 2023. This increase in registrations also signifies a rise in competition among aspirants.


In 2022, 993,069 candidates qualified for the exam with a qualifying rate of 56.21%, while in 2023, 1,145,976 candidates qualified with a qualifying rate of 56.27%. The trend of increasing registrations and competition is expected to continue in NEET 2024, with around 22 lakh applications anticipated this year.


Top 5 States with Highest NEET Registration & Qualifiers

With a NEET qualifying rate of 12%, Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the hub of the highest no. of doctors in 2023.






Uttar Pradesh












Tamil Nadu








14% of NEET Aspirants Opted for Hindi

In the past 4 years, Uttar Pradesh has become a leading state for NEET qualifiers, especially for Hindi medium students. In 2023, 2,76,180 students registered to take the exam in Hindi, a 35% increase since 2019. To meet the demand for quality resources in Hindi, MTG has introduced NEET books in Hindi. Click here to check.


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No.1 Choice of NEET Aspirants – MTG NEET BOOKS


Important Book Recommendations for NEET UG 2024

This book has been breaking records by being a bestseller for over a decade. It is NEET aspirant’s top choice because it provides MCQs from each line of the NEET Syllabus.


However, the new additions in the NEET syllabus have been placed in a separate section called “NEET Plus” so that you can differentiate and focus on them separately. We recommend revising the new syllabus after your board exams first.


This book exceeds expectations by providing students a free smart book along with the physical one so that they can get unlimited practice anywhere and anytime. Plus, while solving, if students get stuck in understanding something, they can understand via video solutions with just a click.


Perfect for students who want to familiarize themselves with the NEET pattern through NEET previous year’s paper and test their progress through NEET Model test papers. It serves as a 2-in-1 with 11 years of AIPMT & NEET solutions along with their graphical analysis. Plus, it has 10 model test papers with OMR sheets and detailed solutions.


NEET practice can’t get better than this. This book contains 10 NEET UG sample papers as per the new NEET syllabus by NMC. It has 2000 highly probable NEET MCQs along with their detailed solutions. It also has NEET 2023 Solved paper and provides OMR Sheets with all sample papers to have exam-time experience and prevent mistakes during the actual exam.


MTG’s NEET Champion is known to have a compilation of all the previous 10 years papers of medical entrance exams all over India. According to this book’s graphical analysis of the past 10 years’ papers, the following topics are the most important.



  1. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

  2. Molecular Basis of Inheritance

  3. Principles of Inheritance and Variation

  4. Human Reproduction

  5. Animal Kingdom


  1. Newton’s Laws

  2. Conservation of Momentum

  3. Conservation of Mechanical Energy

  4. Equation of Continuity

  5. Bernoulli’s Equation and Applications

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Your Secret Tool to Crack NEET on First Attempt – MTG NEET BOOKS



  1. Structure of Atom

  2. Organic Chemistry: Some basic principles & techniques

  3. Coordination compounds

  4. Haloalkane and Haloarenes

  5. Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids

As the deadline for NEET 2024 registration approaches, aspirants need to take action and complete their applications. With the right resources and a well-balanced approach, success in NEET is within reach. Don’t wait until the last minute, apply now, strategies your one-month revision and secure your future.


MTG wishes you all the Best!

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