Neeraj Chopra Visits Elpro International School

Elpro International School was abuzz with excitement on the 10th of October, 2021 by the presence of the man with the golden arm. Neeraj Chopra, India’s first track and field Olympic Gold medalist was hosted by EIS, Chinchwad in the grandest way.


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Neeraj Chopra, Olympic Gold medalist with Dr. Vohra, Director – Principal and students of Elpro International School, Pune


Director-Principal, Dr. Amrita Vohra felicitated the young champion and welcomed him to EIS. Students’ excitement reached its peak as the man of the hour walked in, by warmly greeting everyone in his heroic demeanor. The school auditorium soon came to life as Mr. Chopra took to the stage.


In an interactive event titled “In Conversation with Neeraj Chopra”, he gracefully shared his experiences from his golden moment, along with words of wisdom and hardships with students. In his addressal, he emphasized on the importance of balancing academics and encouraged students not only to excel in sports, but to always follow the chosen path with action and determination. “Patience and Discipline are the two most important virtues for success,” he said. He further added, “One should always listen to their heart’s calling and it is important to follow it. Parents should also extend support to their children and allow them to pursue their choice of sport.”


In between moments of fun and enthusiasm, Mr. Chopra was ushered to the Sports Arena of EIS. As everyone cheered around him, in a remarkable moment, he gladly took a javelin, a spear, and demonstrated an incredible throw, much to the delight of the students. His stride was effortless that left everyone in an awe-inspiring state. He also took a moment to autograph the javelin and present it to the Sports Captain of Elpro International School, Shrishti Singh who herself is a National level Javelin thrower.


Dr. Amrita Vohra, Director Principal of Elpro International School said, “The victorious Javelin Thrower of Tokyo Olympics 2020, Neeraj Chopra has left a deep impression upon the youth of the entire nation. It was a moment of glory for all my students to be able to have a live and interactive session with a luminous sports personality and hear him share his journey, challenges and successes. A heartfelt interaction with Neeraj has not only inspired all of them but have given them unmatched happiness. At Elpro, we strive to positively impact the aspiring young minds of our students to let them follow their passion wholeheartedly. EIS hopes that Neeraj Chopra’s historic Olympic win would set the path towards glory for future generations to come.

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