Navars Edutech Makes Guinness World Record of “Most Viewers of Astronomy Lesson live-stream on YouTube”

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Hyderabad-based Astronomy & Space EdTech startup Navars Edutech makes the  Guinness World Record of concurrent viewership of over 1750 students attending Astronomy lesson live stream on YouTube on April 24,2022.


20256 Navars

Navars sets up Guinness World Record


Navars live-stream was focused on the “MarsoNian – Worlds first virtual Mars colonization experience” with Space Stem Kit which was attended for 6 hours by the students. Students performed live experiments using these DIY Kits around hydraulic rocket launcher, Space-food cooked using Solar Cooker, Astronaut training & radiation challenges.


Navars Edutech is a leading Astronomy & Space education company with a primary focus to drive awareness and education through engagement & innovation by offering real-life experiences through live content, software tools and hardware kits for K12 students. With this Guinness World Record, Navars is accelerating the Space education among students in-line with promoting the NEP2020 charter and also addressing the potential Space ecosystem jobs being created for the next decade.


Navars is excited to achieve yet another global milestone with this Guinness World Record around Astronomy & Space Education. Navars has taken lead in the Space Education with advanced technologies that will empower students to apply their knowledge and skills at an early age and inspire them to become the next generation Astronomers and Space Scientist.” says Sravan Varma, CEO, Navars Edutech.


About Navars Edutech

Navars Edutech is an Astronomy & Space EdTech Startup started in Oct 2019, offering comprehensive space education in schools to K12 students. Navars Edutech comprises a dynamic mix of intellectual professionals, managerial team, subject-matter experts, and Astronomy and Space researchers.  

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