Natak Pictures’ Unconventional Take on Diwali, with its New Short Film ‘Kati Patang’

After the success of Pinki ki Shaadi, Natak Pictures gears up for a unique Diwali celebration with its latest short film Kati Patang. Weaved around an intricate plot with unexpected twists, ‘Kati Patang’ in less than 30 minutes, will give the audience a fresh rush of emotions and chills with its unique storyline, referencing myths and folklore around Diwali. The film that celebrates love and emphasizes on the power of goodness, is currently streaming on Natak Pictures’ YouTube channel.


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Kati Patang


Written and directed by Rahul Bhatnagar, who has given some excellent short films to the industry, ‘Kati Patang’ is a story of a young, small-town boy Shishir, who falls for a spirit named Sandhya who is longing for true love, and risks his life to fulfil her last wish on one of the most auspicious days celebrated by the Hindus. The highly convoluted love story is topped by an unexpected climax that leaves the audience wondering if Sandhya (the spirit) reunites with Shishir in human form.


Commenting on the release of the film, Rahul Bhatnagar, Founder – Natak Pictures says, “Diwali has always been synonymous to lights, happiness, prosperity and celebrations, but little have people explored the space with content around the true purpose and celebrations around Diwali, i.e., the victory of the good over evil. Our film Kati Patang depicts exactly that. With an unconventional yet spooky take on the festival, we aim to break through the clutter and present fresh content to our audience.”


In the short film, Chandan Anand-fame from The Aam Aadmi Family, is seen playing Shishir (protagonist) and Tanya Singh, a conditioned short film actress plays the role of Sandhya, the spirit. Also making a cameo in the film is Rahul Kumar, who plays the role of the Shishir’s friend-Murli, and fashion model Somya Bakshi as Sandhya in human form. The expressions of the talented artists have been skillfully captured in the film by Cinematographer – Sunayana Singh.


Complementing film’s narrative is its background score, creatively composed Tusshar Mallek, who also composed music for TVF’s web show Aspirants. The film concludes with a nostalgic song Chhaton pe beautifully composed, arranged and sung by Salil Charaya, an exceptional talent. 


Produced by Rahul Bhatnagar and Sandeep Saxena, the short film ‘Kati Patang with subtitles in four languages, also demonstrates the beginning of the revived version of Natak Pictures, which is now a one-stop-platform for multi-lingual short films.


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About Natak Pictures

Natak Pictures, a brand by Seven Constellations Media Network Pvt. Ltd., is a one-stop-platform for multi-lingual short films. It is a Delhi-based film studio exclusively into short film production. Starting operations in 2017, the company has produced over 10 short films on diverse and engaging topics. Known for its creative and quirky approach, Natak Pictures has secured a significant place in the short film.

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