Nanahoshi Management Unveils the Shareholder Activism Outsourcing Service

Shareholder Activism ON YOUR BEHALF

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TOKYO & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#nanahoshimgmt–Nanahoshi Management Ltd., a dedicated Japanese shareholder activist, and Nanahoshi Management UK Ltd. (collectively, the “Companies”) today announced that they are revealing their shareholder activism outsourcing service called “Shareholder Activism on your behalf”.


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“Shareholder Activism on your behalf” service enables investors to reconsider Japanese equities as an alternative-ish asset in an activism context rather than just one of Asian equity exposure. The Companies are excited to propose additional alpha sourced by activism for those investors who are willing to tackle the below bottlenecks:

  • Inevitable reputational risks of hard engagement due to the instinctively hated Activism in Japan.
  • Difficulty in educating non-English-speaking management.
  • Limited resources for dedicated engagement focusing on shareholder activism.

The service overview: –

  1. A Client and Nanahoshi Management Ltd. (“NM”) take a general discussion about desired actions to be taken by a company existing in the client’s portfolio (the “Target Company”).
  2. NM purchases the appropriate number of shares of the Target Company from the market in Japan, funded by borrowing from the client.
  3. NM takes dialogues with the Target Company to encourage the Target Company to employ the desired actions and immediately starts activist campaigns in a very timely manner.
  4. Should the campaigns successfully change the management policy and/or take action, the client can expect the shareholders’ value of the Target Company increases.

In a nutshell, all clients need to do are “1. order the service from us” and “4. wait for the expected increase in shareholders’ value” without disclosing their names in public. See also the below table for comparison.

Comparison of types to unlock alpha via activism


Our service

Clients by


Via investing in

activist funds


with activists

Clients’ names in public

(Reputational risks)









Access to clients’ existing

portfolio company



Yes or No


Degree of customizability of

the campaign








High to Medium


(Source: Nanahoshi Management Ltd.; * is the most appropriate for potential clients.)


Satoru Matsuhashi, Founder and CEO of the Companies, said in London, “Throughout my entire equity investment professional career, I found it difficult for active/judgemental investors to access the policies of Japanese listed companies involving capital allocation, assurance of misconduct, health of employees, etc.

Our shareholder activism outsourcing service can help unlock alpha sourced by activism. Should you be concerned about the reputational risks of employing activism strategies in Japan or difficulty in communication with management, we would be happy to hear from you.”

About the Companies

Nanahoshi Management Ltd. is owned/operated by Satoru Matsuhashi, CFA, CESGA. The company focuses on ESG (environment, social, societal and governance) issues and encourages management to maximise their shareholders’ value through activist activities. For more information on Nanahoshi Management Ltd., please visit

The information on the ongoing shareholder activist campaign website for YSK (2812 JP Equity) is

Nanahoshi Management UK Ltd. was established in the UK by Satoru to push forward with the shareholder activism business. For more information on Nanahoshi Management UK Ltd., please visit


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