NaftyArt: Lillian Hendrickson Joins The Home of Erotic Art NFT's

Lillian Hendrickson AKA Amber Chase launches a series of NFT’s with jaw-dropping work on NaftyArt.

LONDON, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nudity in art has been present since art itself began, with sculptures, paintings and drawings showing the body in its most natural form. The adult industry itself has its own category within art although what is accepted as art from this subsection is predominantly down to the eye of the viewer. Lillian Hendrickson Getchell, also known by her adult performer name Amber Chase, has combined the two worlds in a beautiful way.

Now available on NaftyArt, “The Compendium of a Sensual Being” is a multifaceted Art & NFT series spanning Lillian’s personal, professional and digital life from 1997 to 2021 documenting her journey from age 22 to 45. Each fascinatingly personal artistic mosaic can be experienced on the aesthetic level or on a journey of exploration into the imagination of the viewer by examining the source images which feature candid, glamour photography as well as images of her sketches, paintings, sculpture and performance arts while she was recovering from Langerhans cell Histiocytosis X and raising a child while simultaneously going to college.

“Although the bulk of source images of these mosaic pieces are of my body, you can also glimpse rarely spotted gems from my imagination, dreams and aspirations, Artwork born into reality of brush and clay, which pull the viewer’s focus away from the flashy and the obvious.”

Lillian Hendrickson Gretchell

A lot of the “Amber Chase” fans will not realise the credentials that Lillian has, with critics as they often do pigeonholing her into the adult sector. Lillian has a BS in Anthropology and a BA in Art History from Portland State University, Oregon, along with an Associates Degree in Studio Arts from LCC Washington. Lilli has sold physical paintings, illustrations and sculptures to private clients globally and has exhibited her work around the world. As an Editor she worked on the Salal Review Art Magazine for 18 months and also curated the Fosberg Art Gallery in Rose Center of Arts for a year.

Her approach frequently integrates different types of content production while holding an artistic focus that is complimented by her BA in Art History and extensive involvement in studio arts & curation.

“Arranging this artwork gave me time to reflect on the inherent access into each other’s lives social media provides, as well as my place over the years in normalizing blurring the line between personal and public.”

Lillian Hendrickson Gretchell

“Each and every one of us are more than a sum of our collective parts”

. Lillian demonstrates this with the arrangement of the internal images within each mosaic in the series that are created from between 72 to 10,120+ unique viewable images depending on the piece, from which the purchased artwork originates. The Actual size of each NFT within the collection ranges from 12×18 inches to 44×66 inches actual size, with the source images ranging in size from 0.17″ to 0.50″ inch, though internal images for the Fate of Ainio Triptych are closer to 1 inch. With backgrounds that invoke the depth behind the Mona Lisa or a sunset cast by Maxfield Parish, sprinkled among the intriguing images are snapshots documenting noteworthy behind the scenes moments, such as candid shots from my role as a body double for Michelle Monaghan in Tomorrow you’re Gone (2011), to more tender moments such as right before I walked down the staircase to get married, along with a multitude of stills from my adult career.

“It’s exciting and startling at the same time to realize that I have been sharing my art, thoughts and image online since 1997 through a variety of usernames — ‘Tigerlilie,’ ‘Amber Chase,’ ‘Lilyfirefitness.’ I have been intentional in my emphasis of my educational background, being among the pioneers in digital personas, as well as highlighting the art of erotic expression, in addition to reflecting on the crypto currency era- as demonstrated in the largest piece in the series -Know Thy Value Daughter of Midas.”

Lillian Hendrickson Gretchell

Lillian has put her NFT works for sale on the premier, erotic art NFT marketplace, NaftyArt, where she joins erotic artists and content creators from around the world. She has been a keen observer of the NFT community since 2017 & the providence inherent to blockchain intrigues Lilli’s academic interests associated with her BS in Anthropology/archaeology while satisfying the desire for creators to receive more recognition and rewards. The trust she holds with the community means she does not take lightly the responsibility of vetting and researching new platforms she intends to promote and participate in their growth. Lillian is excited to share her art with the world through NaftyArt,  and is looking forward to seeing the marketplace grow, benefiting the erotic art world in what is an exciting time for the revolutionary platform


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