My sister was terrorised by her husband to engage in multi partner sex: Brother


Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 11 (IANS) A disclosure by a young housewife that she was being forced to engage in sex through exchange of partners with her husband himself engaging in it, on Tuesday took a new turn when her brother disclosed that this has been going on for a few years.

Speaking to the media, the victim’s brother said her husband was terrorising his wife to engage in this and also used to use their young children aged 6 and 7.

“He used to tell the young kids that if their mother wishes, all of them can live in luxury. He used to tell his wife also that if she cooperates, then he need not go for work and can live a good life with lots of money,” said the deeply anguished brother of the victim.

“He used to collect money and then send his wife to engage in undesirable activities. If she resisted then she would be harassed. We know that there are quite a number of hapless young women who have fallen in this wife swapping racket. Many of them out of fear of being ostracised are keeping quiet,” added the bother.

He also pointed out that two years back when this issue first surfaced, they informed the local police and they suggested his sister be sent for counselling.

“Those who are engaged in this include people from the high society including doctors, engineers and others. We really doubt if the real accused will be caught as they are all influential people. Things are really bad,” said the deeply disturbed brother of the victim.

This case surfaced on Sunday when the Kerala Police arrested seven persons in connection with exchange of partners for sex after the above victim lodged a complaint with the Karukachal police in Kottayam district.

The Police are keeping a tab on numerous social media groups where this activity took place and are expected to take more action shortly.

The police team has now found out that the modus operandi was to first join the Telegram and Messenger groups and then two or three couples meet periodically and the group got bigger.

Apart from couples, what has now surfaced is there were ‘male studs’ drawn from gymnasiums to perform.

By now seven people have been arrested and the police are expecting to round up a few more who are believed to be the lynchpins in this nefarious activity.



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