Offers a Vast Collection of Original Art by Masters Van Gogh, Picasso, Chagall & Banksy For Sale To Public

“When you absolutely, positively”

In just a short time, over $40 million of artwork was listed on M$, we now have listed dozens of original artworks by the Masters.”

— Bob Strehlau, Chief Curator, M$

GLEN MILS, PA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2022 / — MustSell (“M$“) is a global eCommerce exchange offering priceless works of art by Van Gogh, Picasso, Chagall, rare coins, estate jewelry, yachts, autos, and antiquities sold by motivated sellers of luxury items that must sell immediately. Many sellers desire to remain anonymous because of concerns for potential theft while saving on exorbitant commissions.

Private buyers prefer M$ for access to ungettable luxury items and value the ‘Concierge Report’ on the item’s condition, authenticity, ‘as advertised claims,’ and market price, so they are informed before the purchase. Transactions are done anonymously and securely through the ‘Concierge Premier Service,’ which ensures an exceptional experience. The buyer and seller identities are verified by M$ but kept strictly confidential, so no personal information is provided to the other party, which safeguards the highest level in security, validation and authenticity.

“In just a short time, over $40 million of artwork was listed on M$,” says Bob Strehlau, Chief Curator. “I told some of my longtime affluent customers about M$ low sales commission rate, concierge service and anonymity. They trust me, tried it and loved it. We now have listed dozens of original artworks by the masters.”

Surprisingly, typical ‘Art Evaluators’ still rely predominantly on emailed pictures and provenance papers (that can be altered and falsified) to determine their authenticity. Unscrupulous sellers often claim they have provenance or documented ownership histories that they claim to confirm the authenticity of bogus art. In some cases, this concocted provenance appears to date back 100+ years, all the way back to the original artists themselves. Since paintings by the masters, such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, are typically 100+ years old, there are rarely any witnesses to dispute their alleged provenance.

This is the reason M$ avant-garde approach to authentication is intensely investigative and highly effective. Independent forensic experts include former law enforcement and US Secret Service agents that are bonded and insured. They physically examine the actual item, then utilize technology and techniques to produce consistent scientific proof to determine if an item is authentic or counterfeit conclusively. This process ensures the authentication results are trustworthy and verifiable. Such advancements in forensic methodologies now permit provenance to include a signed certificate or statement of authenticity from respected and recognized forensic experts. This provenance methodology was used and made famous by the “Salvator Mundi,” a painting of Jesus Christ attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, which became the most expensive work ever sold at auction, fetching $450.3 million.

M$ provides its clients the following specialized services: (i) Concierge Premier Service, (ii) Authentication Guarantee+, and (iii) Price Protection+.

Concierge Premier Service – Is our crown jewel because it facilitates the transactions between the buyer and seller that maintains anonymity, authenticity, and payment through our secure site. Buyers receive a ‘Concierge Report’ prepared by an expert that details the item’s information, condition, and value so the buyer can make an informed purchase.

A personal Concierge is assigned to each sale. They will act as liaisons by communicating offers, information requests, answers to questions, and correspondence between the buyer and seller. In summary, after the parties agree on the price and terms, the Concierge will: (i) Receive the bank wire for the purchase and fees that will be held in escrow; (ii) Receive the physical item from the seller unless other arrangements were agreed upon; (iii) Prepare an assessment report on the item’s authenticity, value, and condition for the buyer; (iv) Finalize the sale upon final approval from the buyer and seller; (v) Issue payment to the seller; and (vi) Ship the item to the buyer via an insured, secured carrier.

Authentication Guarantee+ – If a sold item is not as described, M$ could refund the purchase price plus 10% of its value. See our ‘Authentication Guarantee+’ policy for complete details.

Price Protection+ – Pledges if you find the same item cheaper somewhere else, then M$ could refund the price difference plus 10%. See our ‘Price Protection+’ policy for complete details.

For more information, visit M$

Advertising Credits: Creative Concept: M$, Creative Director: Adam Nelson / Workhouse, CGI & Photo-Illustration: Dale May, represented by WSW Creative

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