partners with Crypto-Guilds to create level up system for web3 players - Crypto-Guilds – Crypto-Guilds is partnering with Crypto-Guilds to provide level up system for web3 scholars and game guilds with NFT badges.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, US, June 10, 2022 / — has partnered with Crypto-Guilds to use the Moonstream Engine for displaying, distributing, and upgrading player badges. is a blockchain game engine. We put game mechanics like loyalty programs, loot boxes, leaderboards, consumables, in-game items, crafting recipes on the blockchain. Through our Engine interface, projects can manage their blockchain game assets and integrate ready-to-use on-chain game mechanics without creating smart contracts.

Crypto-Guilds will use to host their on-chain reputation system for scholars (=players) and guilds. This will allow guilds to trust high reputation players with the most valuable of their game assets and it will allow players to build a reputation that transcends any particular game that they are playing.

Through Moonstream Engine, Crypto-Guilds can give players badges with their reputation level. Players will have the ability to level up and upgrade their badges through participation in games. This is done with Engine’s airdrop and claiming mechanics, as well as crafting mechanics.

With the Engine’s technology on the back-end, Crypto-Guilds can customize how they choose to distribute, use, and upgrade the badge tokens. participates in several blockchain games, and controls thousands of NFTs in those games. We will collaborate with players to make use of these badge tokens on the Crypto-Guilds platform.

This is a strategic partnership where Moonstream DAO become Advisors for Crypto-Guilds. Our shared mission is to help any gaming NFT owner set up their own guild and lend out their assets to scholars effortlessly. Together, we will develop smart contract-based technology that makes it possible for any blockchain game player to borrow or lend gaming NFTs in a decentralized manner.

About is a tool that makes it easy for web3 game developers to add on-chain game mechanics to their games. Since its launch in October 2021, has processed over $3.5B in transaction volume with over 25k active players using our platform. Join our Discord and sign up.

About Crypto-Guilds:

Crypto-Guilds is a platform that connects blockchain game players with guilds. Players can create scholar profiles to apply for scholarships and be recruited by games and guilds. Guilds can create profiles with scholarship offers and find the best scholars to make a yield from their assets.

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