MetaVUrse LLC — DragonGuildNFT Purchases $4,600,000 Worth of Virtual Land in TCG World’s Metaverse

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The purchase of 8901 plots of virtual land becomes the first company to connect an entire plot of virtual land inside the metaverse to an NFT

ST KITTS AND NEVIS, NEVIS, ST KITTS AND NEVIS, May 6, 2022 / — We are excited to announce the largest sale of virtual land inside the TCG World metaverse worth $4,600,000. The purchase of 8901 plots of virtual land by MetaVUrse LLC becomes the first company to connect an entire plot of virtual land inside the metaverse to an NFT. The NFT collection will be designed by artist Matt Cossin, who has worked for Disney amongst of large projects and companies.

The NFT Collection that comes with Virtual Land in TCG World

MetaVUrse LLC are the leaders of the Dragon Guild NFT that will offer a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs that will come with virtual land inside TCG World locked to the NFT. Once the collection is sold out, the NFTs will be revealed and owners will receive a Silver, Gold or Platinum Plot of land locked to the asset, the plot type will depend on the rarity of the NFT itself. Owners of the NFT will be able to play and earn in TCG World as a regular plot of virtual land.

“The Dragon Guild Summons You!”

MetaVUrse’s Dragon Guild will also own a 256m x 256m commercial plot of land inside the metaverse and additionally will be creating several special 1/1 NFTs that will come a plot with the same utility as the main collection, this will be auctioned off and a portion of the proceeds given to charity.

‘’ We are all working towards building the greatest guild inside the metaverse. With our vision and dedication to bringing value to the community, we believe we are creating something life changing for everyone involved. As a movement inside the greatest metaverse, we will have the world at our feet ’’ — MetaVUrse LLC Owner

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