Metal Networks.AI’s JAQi® Search Engine Receives Growing Attention for Product Information Challenges

Metal Networks.AI ‘s JAQi® Search Engine accelerates digital adoption, aiding the B2B eCommerce industry in simplifying product information management.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, December 2, 2023 / — Metal Networks.Ai is at the forefront of addressing Product Information Challenges with a clear objective: to speed up and digitize the product information challenges faced by suppliers. The company recently announced that one of its AI solutions, JAQi® AI-driven Product Translation and Search Engine, is gaining consistent attention for its ability to translate, automate, digitize, and classify complex data and product specifications, simplifying catalog matching and product taxonomy.

Tailored for larger teams, JAQi® works like a Google Search box that brings internal organization and streamlined quote automation. The interface is designed for users to edit, modify or add attributes and send the verified data to the backend system using machine learning to automate manual catalog matching. The tool’s modular architecture and APIs can integrate with any web application such as portals, databases, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces and ERP systems.

Key features and capabilities of JAQi® Search Engine

-Efficient Translation: JAQi® takes unstructured text, industry lingo, abbreviations or shorthand product descriptions with countless variations and translates them into a standardized format.

-Catalog Matching: It classifies product attributes and streamlines the catalog matching process.

-Enhanced Efficiency: It can simultaneously translate and match multiple line items, reducing manual processes and human efforts.

Joe Graci, CEO of MetalNetworks.AI, recently talked about AI’s impact on industrial supply chains, “For so many years, industrial supply chain innovation was focused on the management and movement of physical assets. This has recently expanded to include the management and movement of data, information and content. Metal Networks.Ai built its software platform to address the growing need to digitize old, mature industries using outdated applications and manual processes to perform tasks that are better served by AI-enabled applications. This frees up human resources to focus on more important tasks such as data insights, relationship management and service innovation.”

In the spirit of democratizing technology, ensures that its features are accessible to non-technical users too, empowering them to manage automatic filtering and boosting of predicted categories directly. This user-friendly approach enhances the relevance of results, making technology accessible to a broader audience which can be used as an in-house Product Information Management (PIM) tool to cleanse messy and unstructured product catalogs, providing a more effective product taxonomy.

The product is ideal for B2B supply chain operations that aim to digitize their manual and slow processes. For an average B2B e-commerce website dealing with thousands of categories, JAQi® crafts a labeled dataset for efficient product classification while dealing with challenges related to cost and speed.

“Considering the dynamic nature of eCommerce teams, it’s important to have efficiency, ideal tools and security for better customer experience,” says Graci. Given the need for eCommerce tools, the company’s vision extends beyond its current offerings, with a commitment to making a lasting impact on B2B e-commerce and industrial digital workflow automation. Market expansion, product development, and ongoing innovation are at the forefront of Metal Networks.Ai’s strategy.

About Metal Networks.Ai

Founded in 2017, Metal Networks.Ai is at the forefront of B2B e-commerce supply chain management. They empower sales teams and e-commerce buyers with intelligent workflow and collaboration tools, accelerating sales while addressing industry challenges like high volumes, fragmentation, changing demographics, and technology disruption. With cloud-based, AI-driven technology solutions that support digital transformation and Industry 4.0 initiatives, they make industrial supply chain management streamlined, efficient, and productive.

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Metal Networks.Ai
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