Metaem Announces Creation of NFT Marketplace

Plano, TX, March 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) With the metaverse projected to arrive in 2030 and the blockchain and NFTs already the source of innovations in multiple industries, the world continues to advance into a future that has the potential to be different from what most people have experienced. However, is the general public ready for technology that may change our understanding of society and give us a three-dimensional Internet experience? A recent study found that 98% of people are unsure about basic crypto concepts, and another poll found that ⅓ of respondents had never heard of the metaverse. NFTs are also not widely understood. While it is true that much of the technology behind these advancements is still in its infancy, meaning we are not on the verge of The Matrix quite yet, it raises the issue of how to help individuals become more familiar with such innovative technology. Metaem, led by Founder and CEO Syed Fahad, states that in order to assist more people with embracing the changes, it has created a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace and plans to also provide a path to exploring the metaverse.

The Problem of Rapidly Changing Technology vs. the General Public’s Understanding of It

The blockchain and the technology being innovated on it includes NFTs. In a national survey, only 27% of Americans said they were very familiar or somewhat familiar with nonfungible tokens. 

Metaem says, “It is possible that NFTs are being innovated faster than the public is aware of. They first emerged as a way to certify photos, digital art, music, videos, and more. However, their use is being expanded as engineers develop their potential. Industries that include real estate, auto, and even medical care are exploring how NFTs can be incorporated into their business structures. The implication is that businesses are developing a technology that will perhaps be part of all of our lives, yet individuals are unsure of what that tech actually is. This is the perceived gap that at Metaem, we are working to help the public overcome.”

How Metaem Is Trying to Help More People to Understand and Become Comfortable with NFTs

The company states that it has created an NFT marketplace that it describes as innovative and easy to use. “Our primary goal,” Metaem continues, “is to give as many people as possible the chance to learn about NFTs and feel more confident about their knowledge of what they are and how they are used.”

The marketplace, the company explains, allows users to buy, sell, and store NFTs. “We first focused on education, as individuals can at times feel unsure when they use new technology. We included a short tutorial on what NFTs are, how they are minted, and what can be done with them.”

With that knowledge, Metaem states, users can potentially feel more confident as they buy and sell NFTs with other people. “We envision this as helping the public to become more used to nonfungible tokens, and, by extension, to adapt more easily to any changes in our society as the usage of NFTs is innovated. We hope more people will embrace the changes as they learn about NFTs through our platform.”

Future Blockchain Developments Planned by Metaem

To provide a way for individuals to go deeper into the technology Metaem predicts is on our doorstep, the company announces it will be launching a cryptocurrency and NFT gaming in the near future.

“The goal is to use our platform to build a solid foundation for the generations to come,” the company says. “We are working to provide as many people as possible with the potential to understand this technology, the uses of which are evolving daily.”

What Metaem May Mean for the General Public

While it cannot be predicted where NFTs and the metaverse may take our world, Metaem’s work to provide the public with a foundation to learn about and use NFTs, and eventually the metaverse, may be a step in the right direction. After all, few can dispute that knowledge is power and that the more you use something, the more you may be able to understand it and perhaps capitalize on its potential.

Metaem is led by Founder and CEO Syed Fahad and Tim Gillean, his partner/mentor and a Texas real estate mogul. After establishing themselves in the business world, the two have shifted towards crypto mining, NFTs, digital assets, and the metaverse. The partners plan to revolutionize the metaverse through Metaem.

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