Medulance Ties up with Janitri to Install Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System in Ambulances


Medulance, India’s first integrated emergency response provider, has tied up with Bengaluru-based Janitri, a social enterprise offering labor monitoring products, to install its Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System in its ambulances.


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Medulance ties up with Janitri to install Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System in ambulances


By monitoring vital signs and other data remotely, the system would help identify potential problems in expectant mothers during their transfer to the hospital. This would enable paramedics and doctors to provide the necessary support to ensure healthy pregnancy and delivery.


Apart from ambulances, Medulance is also installing Janitri’s Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System inside medical rooms through its corporate collaborations to safeguard maternal-fetal health for working pregnant women.


Each year, more than 45,000 women die in India during childbirth. According to experts, inaccurately monitored parameters like Fetal Heart Rate and Uterine Contraction, as well as delay in transportation and lack of proper first-point medical attention are some of the critical factors that can lead to severe complications during pregnancy, especially childbirth.


Said Mr. Pranav Bajaj, Co-founder, Medulance, “We operate a fleet of 7,500 ambulances in 100 cities across India staffed with trained paramedics. It is important to monitor key parameters like Fetal Heart rate and Uterine Contractions during the pregnant patient’s transfer to the hospital. However, this is often ignored in India due to a lack of equipment, knowledge, and expertise. Working pregnant women also tend to ignore such parameters during working hours, which may risk the fetus. Through this partnership with Janitri we intend to equip our ambulances as well as medical rooms at our client offices to safeguard maternal-fetal health. This will ensure the safe transfer of expectant mothers to hospitals, helping them get proper care.”


Said Mr. Arun Agarwal, Founder, Janitri, We are delighted to partner with Medulance to install our Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System in their ambulances and medical rooms at the premises of their corporate partners. We have a vision to see a world where no mother and baby dies during pregnancy, childbirth or post-delivery due to preventable causes. Fetal-maternal heart rate and uterine contractions monitoring can help identify maternal and fetal risk factors but these parameters are often monitored inaccurately or ignored in India. Our system uses patented technology to help healthcare providers offer better care for expectant mothers and their babies. Unlike other available devices, it comes with a mobile app that provides a real-time view, auto-interpretation of complicated graphs and remote monitoring for healthcare providers. This allows doctors to facilitate early and effective decision-making on intrapartum care.


Medulance Healthcare and Janitri, both startups, got introduced on the set of Shark Tank India Season 2, leading to the collaboration. While Janitri appeared on the show on January 17, 2023, Medulance is slated for an appearance in the next few days.


About Medulance Healthcare

Medulance Healthcare is India’s first, Integrated Emergency Response provider with a fleet of 7,500+ ambulances for fast and reliable first-point medical attention, spread across 100 cities in the country. It offers prompt, reliable and efficient ambulance services that can be as convenient as finding a taxi. Driven by patient centricity and technology, Medulance aims at minimizing medical emergencies through its fleet of 7,500+ ambulances and skilled response in accordance with international standards.


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