Maximillian White – The British Billionaire Entrepreneur Talks To European Business Magazine

LONDON, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The British Billionaire Entrepreneur who has made his billions from the cannabis Industry. He is the front cover feature for the European Business Magazine’s Summer edition. The medicinal cannabis industry has burst onto the scene in the past few years and has witnessed phenomenal growth, allowing investors and businesspeople alike to rack up significant wealth within the space allowing a few making billions in the process. Maximillian White is one of them and is leading the pack and has become a billionaire in the process. The British Born businessman who now resides in Dubai has gone from strength to strength. White sells medicinal marijuana to wholesalers across the world. White founded a company dedicated to the manufacture, research, cultivation, processing, and distribution of the highest quality medical cannabis for the pharmaceutical industry.

Maximillian White

Maximillian White

was one of the first entrepreneurs to seize an opportunity, providing patients of psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and seizures with the product that relieves symptoms. Medicinal cannabis comes in a variety of forms. Max first bought 35 hectares of land when he first began and recently just bought another 100 hectares of land while he was becoming bigger. He has since bought two factories that are around 150,000 square metres between them and is just doing a deal now with 1,000 hectares to give you an idea of how big he has actually become.

Due to the patents and sheers size Max is producing at, as well as the patents Maximillian White has developed, he has become a ‘One Stop Shop’ of which all sorts of companies within the industry can come to help them grow and progress. By 2025, the staff of the British Billionaire is likely to be just under 10,000 and he’s going to be taking a big chunk of the 186 billion a year market.

The world is becoming more health conscious as humans and Medical Cannabis is something that can benefit one medically in over 2000 different ways. Even the Pharma giant Pfizer, has put 7 billion into research alone this year.

And medical marijuana will soon be available on the NHS as well as many other global health systems. While also making inroads into the Isalmic market, this is not a shrinking industry and Maximillian White will be at the centre of it.



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