Manufacturing Outlook Digital Magazine Highlights AI and Cyber Security

Manufacturing Outlook ezine

Manufacturing Outlook ezine

Taking the Fear Factor Out of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security for Some, But Not for All

Putting manufacturing in a position to be prepared rather than unaware, or worse yet – a victim, is the mission of Manufacturing Outlook”

— Lewis A. Weiss, Publisher

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2023 / — Manufacturing Outlook, a free subscription digital magazine, addresses the fears and foibles of artificial intelligence, whether it will really replace humans, or is it actually limited in its thinking capabilities. From AI in Manufacturing to AI in Hollywood, Manufacturing Outlook applies its forward-looking, forward-thinking analysis in articles written by Nicholas Tana, a member of the Screen Writers Guild, and Bryan DeBois, Director of Industrial AI at RoviSys. Each has an interesting take on the capabilities of AI with its limitations and in its applications. Tana proffers that, as each generation becomes more familiar and comfortable with anime characters, and less with Hollywood superstars, movies in the future may use favorite anime ‘stars’ and fewer people. Computer-generated voices and scripts could replace voice actors and writers. But in manufacturing, AI may have many years of development work before it can begin to ‘think on its feet’ – a uniquely human trait. AI is not yet at the stage where it can multitask or switch between tasks quickly without some kind of reconfiguration to its hardware or programming. Even in a more mature state several years from now, AI may struggle with disparate pieces of unrelated information to formulate a new way of doing something – another uniquely human trait.

This brings up the question of whether or not this constant flow of data is secure, which has proven not to be the case. Hackers have penetrated systems thought to be impregnable, creating costly losses, ransoms – not averaging over $100 million, and an unseen human toll. Ken Fanger of On Technology Partners, and James Fair, Senior Vice President, IT Services, at Executech explore the challenges of building, improving, and maintaining secure systems, where even some of the largest companies get breached, including the recent MGM cyber attack. Historically, more than 50% of small companies never recover and go out of business. For manufacturing, that can mean that a critical supplier to industry folds unexpectedly, and vital parts for complex components are unexpectedly unavailable, which could become a national security issue. Over time, attacks on American manufacturing could whittle away at key suppliers to defense, aerospace, automotive, and other manufacturing industry sectors, gravely weakening the U.S. domestic supply chain.

Each month, Manufacturing Outlook contains forward-looking, forward-thinking information for the manufacturing industry that is not available without searching and digging to discover what is happening and could happen in the not-too-distant future. Being aware of these topics helps manufacturers stay ahead of the curve instead of being caught in a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. “Putting manufacturing in a position to be prepared rather than unaware, or worse yet – a victim, is the mission of Manufacturing Outlook,” said Lewis A. Weiss, Publisher.

Manufacturing Outlook is a compilation of “Outlook articles” by industry executives highlighting the North America Outlook, South America Outlook, Asia Outlook, Africa Outlook, Eurozone Outlook, Energy Outlook, Material Outlook, Issues Outlook, Automotive Outlook, Aerospace Outlook, with special sections such as Graphene Outlook, New Technology Outlook, and Sales and Marketing Outlook. Writers are individuals who have been on the manufacturing plant floor, in the boardrooms and back rooms, learning how manufacturers operate, so they can gain and convey knowledge that is immediately useful to readers, including suppliers to manufacturing and customers of manufacturers. Although the Manufacturing and Services sectors are weighed separately by analysts, every industry sector uses equipment, furniture, fixtures, machines, raw materials, components, or finished goods that were manufactured.

About Manufacturing Outlook ezine

Manufacturing Outlook is a forward-looking, forward-thinking, free subscription digital magazine (ezine) published for industry and available at for readers interested in the near-term future of manufacturing. It provides the “Outlook” for manufacturing in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Aerospace industry, Automotive, Cyber Security, Energy, and special discussions on burning Issues, development in Graphene, manufacturing raw Materials, and unique Manufacturing Tidbits on a wide variety of unusual topics, such as Movie Manufacturing in Hollywood.

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