Manna iStrong is Now Clinically Proven to Tackle Anemia in 90 Days

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Manna iStrong, a specially formulated Iron fortified women’s health drink from Southern Health Foods Pvt. Ltd. popularly known as ‘Manna’ has now announced the results of a clinical study which proves iStrong helps to fight Anemia in women.


20336 Manna%20iStrong%20Chocolate%20and%20Caramel%20pack

Manna iStrong Chocolate and Caramel pack


The specially formulated Iron fortified women’s health drink was specifically conceptualized to fight Anaemia. This Multigrain based drink is made with 8 Grains including 3 Super Grains – Amaranth, Quinoa and Black Rice and delivers 100% RDA of Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B9 and B12 in 2 serves. It is also rich in Protein, Dietary fibre along with goodness of milk protein.


Manna iStrong went through a registered (CTRI/2021/07/034881) randomized controlled clinical trial (90 Days) at one of country’s most renowned medical institute and the study was published in Fortune Journals. The institute studied the impact of Manna iStrong in the clinical management of anaemia in women, and observed a significant increase in Haemoglobin by 20%, Serum Iron by 35%, Serum Ferritin levels by 16%, 2x Stamina and significant reduction in anaemia related symptoms in two serves of Manna iStrong per day.


Speaking about the clinical study results, S. Murugan, CEO Southern Health Foods said, “The creation of Manna iStrong is itself an interesting story. When we looked at the women’s health drink space, we stumbled upon Iron deficiency being such a large issue in India. 1 in 2 Women in the country have Iron deficiency. In line with the company ethos of improving the health quotient of the community through launching relevant food products, the team at SHFPL came up with the idea of iStrong and ensured every 2 serves of istrong contained 100% RDA of Iron, vit B9, B12 and C all of which help in Iron absorption and build healthy red blood cells. So, when we received the clinical study results, we were overjoyed that consumer now have an Iron supplement option that is easy to make and will help them combat Anemia.”


Manna istrong is available online at our website and on ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket etc. and also available in all leading stores.

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