Major shareholder information pursuant to section 30 of the

Company announcement no. 6/2022

Pursuant to Section 30 of the Danish Capital Markets Act, Columbus A/S hereby announces that Consolidated Holdings A/S has notified the Company that on 22 March, Consolidated Holdings A/S, org. no. 35422013 exceeded the 50% threshold with respect to voting rights in Columbus A/S.

On 22 March 2022, Consolidated Holdings A/S bought 337,948 shares in Columbus A/S (ISIN: DK0010268366). Consolidated Holdings A/S now holds 63,084,898 shares in Columbus A/S, corresponding to a direct ownership of 48.80% of the share capital. Including shareholder voting agreements, Consolidated Holdings A/S holds 50.20% of the voting rights.

Ib Kunøe                        Søren Krogh Knudsen
Chairman of the Board                CEO & President

For further information, please contact:

CEO & President, Søren Krogh Knudsen, tel : +45 70 20 50 00

Columbus A S

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