M5 Entertainment brings a New Perspective to Endorsements, Establishes the Perfect Balance between Brands and Talent

Endorsements have seen a meteoric rise in the last couple of years both online and offline. The concept of celebrity endorsement in the Indian marketing and advertising industry is deep rooted. The reason behind the success is also straightforward. People in India idolize celebrities, and when renowned personalities associate themselves with a product, people aspire to achieve that.


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Sonya V Kapoor & Amrita Mendonza along with Neha Dhupia for a brand shoot


With a whirlwind of agencies that are now in the market catering to endorsements, it is only natural that brands are spoilt for choice. That is not to say that there is no space in the market, with a number of agencies working towards the same goal, M5 Entertainment has understood the need to cater to different verticals to fill the gaps.


Talking on the endorsements, Sonya V. Kapoor, said, “M5 main vertical looks into endorsements big or small. We do a variety of them basis the brands needs and budgets. We cater to each and every brands requirements and guide them accordingly. The two biggest gaps that we fill are in terms of price sensitivity and total transparency.” “We don’t push one talent – we push multiple and we negotiate on behalf of brands. We guide them how to close a celebrity in their budgets and realistically giving them budget possibilities. Secondly, the transparency of deal – we make it so easy and straightforward that brands don’t have to wonder where the money went,” Concluded Amrita Mendonza.


The key to the success of any agency is the ability to fitting the right talent with the right brand while precariously balancing the needs of everyone involves. It is a game that everyone must win. Sonya V Kapoor on M5’s recent collaboration

said, “We recently closed Kareena Kapoor for a baby brand which did a campaign on moms – it was not rocket science but we felt there was a beautiful fit between her and the brand as she is known to be very particular when it comes to her kids.”


This fundamental ideology does not change for offline or online endorsements, while the logistics may vary in terms of scale and mediums. Both online and offline endorsements have a way to function in complete synergy. “Marico Veggie Clean was a pure online deal where we worked with celebrities such as Shilpa Shetty and Karishma Kapoor for the launch and Aurelia with Disha Patani where there we executed outdoor, print ads involving big media spends,” Amrita Mendonza on exclusive online and offline deals executed by M5 Entertainment.


M5 Entertainment’s approach to end to end execution from the time a brief lands. Giving an insight into their functioning and how noticeable deals are signed, Kapoor said there is no set formula or standard brief to attach the right celebrity with the brand and their message and ethos. Understanding this basic match is the key to every brand endorsement deal and it is what elevates the results from it being just a transaction to a successful result-oriented deal


Talking specifically about online endorsements, digital collaborations are the need of the hour and M5 is at the top of their game to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. The way these collaborations have seeped their way into every brief is testament to how crucial they are to campaigns today and absolutely cannot be overlooked.

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