Lynk Signs Contract with Mongolia’s Largest Mobile Network Operator

FALLS CHURCH, Va.–()–Lynk Global, Inc. (Lynk), the world’s leading cell-tower-in-space connectivity provider, today announced it has signed a commercial partnership agreement with Unitel, Mongolia’s largest mobile operator, enabling its subscribers to remain connected everywhere on the planet with ordinary cell phones. Unitel represents Lynk’s third partnership agreement reached within the past month with a mobile network operator (MNO) as part of the American tech firm’s Flagship Carrier Program. As a carrier program partner, Unitel will now have first-to-market rights to implement Lynk’s service in Mongolia. Lynk’s global commercial service providing direct satellite to cell phone service is on schedule to be deployed next year.

“We know that Unitel is looking at many options to supplement network coverage for its subscribers. We are honored that they chose Lynk to be their partner to help meet its critical connectivity needs in Mongolia’s vast landscape. This represents traction for Lynk, as we are adding another region of the world to our Flagship Carrier Program,” states Charles Miller, Lynk CEO. “Recently we announced that Lynk’s 5th satellite has connected, and registered, hundreds of standard mobile phones per minute in initial tests in the US, the UK and the Bahamas, proving that Lynk has solved the last major technology barrier to connecting everybody, everywhere with a standard mobile phone.”

“Mongolia is a very large country, covering an area of 1.6 million square kilometers, twice the size of France for example,” explains Unitel’s CEO Enkhbat Dorjpalam. “Located between Russia to our North and China to our South, our population of approximately 3.3 million people live all throughout the country, which includes the world’s 2nd largest desert, the Gobi Desert. We have unique needs for coverage in our country given our nomadic lifestyle and extremely large livestock population of more than 70 million animals which is a critical component to our society’s growth and resiliency. Add to that the very extreme weather, particularly in winter where our temperatures often drop to -36 to -40° C, we are looking forward to ensuring our people remain safe, secure and connected through Lynk.”

“We recently announced the first operators to sign up for our Flagship Carrier Program, Aliv in the Bahamas and Telecel Centrafique in the Central African Republic. With the addition of Unitel in Mongolia, Lynk’s service offering is rapidly spreading around the world,” says Charles Miller, Lynk’s CEO and cofounder. “Our technology is now proven in 5 different countries, having registered phones in Canada and New Zealand in the last couple weeks. We are in a great position to launch global commercial services in July 2022.”

Lynk will provide complete connectivity everywhere, whether land or sea, for the existing over 5.2 billion mobile subscribers through their existing MNO. Each year, more than 3 billion people, who own mobile phones, experience extended periods of disconnectivity. Another 1 billion people who can afford a mobile phone, don’t buy one because there is no connectivity — there is Zero G (0G) — where they live and work.

The mobile industry has nearly exhausted the ability to profitably expand coverage with ground-based cell towers world-wide, leaving geographic coverage effectively capped. Lynk’s cell-tower-in-space service will complement existing terrestrial coverage and solves the 0G coverage problem. Lynk represents the largest growth opportunity in the mobile industry today — a bigger growth opportunity than 5G.

For more information about Lynk’s Flagship Carrier Program, please visit this blog.

For more technical information this blog post How Lynk Proved Direct Two-way Satellite-to-Mobile-Phone Connectivity explains what Lynk has accomplished with the hundreds of phone registration tests.

About Lynk:

Lynk Global Inc. is focused on providing universal connectivity for mobile phones and is the world’s only independently verified space-based mobile network provider. The company’s patented technology allows standard mobile phones to be connected virtually anywhere via low-Earth-orbit satellites without any change to hardware or software. Headquartered in Falls Church, VA, Lynk’s leadership and engineering teams are experts in satellite engineering, space flight, and wireless technology. Follow us at, @lynktheworld, or via LinkedIn.

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