Leading Online Agrochemicals Company, AgFarm Widens its Reach in India; Launches its Products in Chhattisgarh


Dubai-based agrochemical company, AgFarm has introduced its entire product range in Chhattisgarh. The launch coincides with the Rabi crop sowing season in India, typically starting in the winter season. AgFarm entered the Indian market almost an year ago and enjoys presence in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana.


AgFarm’s comprehensive portfolio consists of highly effective and sustainable herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators that boost crop health and support farmers’ economic resilience and productivity by targeting the most damaging pests and diseases in all major crops. These products cover all the major crops and cash crops, fruits, oil seeds, and important vegetables.


Chhattisgarh is famously known as the “Rice Bowl” of Central India, with the main crop being Paddy. Apart from paddy, oil seeds like Groundnut, Soybean, and Sunflower and cereals like maize are also grown in the state. AgFarm offers a complete range of crop solutions for all these important crops. Our foray into the state through the online medium will help the retailers and farmers of Chhattisgarh save time and lower the input costs for them as we will pass on the savings incurred towards supply chain management to them. Further, it will also facilitate them to establish a direct digital connection with the company, which will enable us to understand their requirements and concerns better. Besides, modern social listening and digital analytics will also help us reduce the turn around time and provide our customers with products at affordable prices,” says Sandeep Singh Chauhan, Director,  AgFarm.


AgFarm aims to revolutionize the agricultural world digitally by allowing buyers access to buy agro-inputs in a single click. Its products are exclusively available on nurture.retail app. The company possesses unique R&D capabilities and focuses on manufacturing highly efficacious agro-inputs such as Halogen, Hardy, Relevant, Longstar, Dinotrex, Jogger, Sabaa, Udayan etc. AgFarm’s vision is to contribute to the production improvement of crops and support in enriching human life by providing agricultural solutions in harmony with the natural environment.



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