Lacko heads to Hungaroring to break his bad luck, Calvet starts his racing marathon

Buggyra ZM Racing drivers now head to Hungaroring in Hungary, where the European Truck Racing Championship continues with Round 2 of the season.

TALLINN, ESTONIA, June 9, 2022 / — The new season brings also new technical challenges. Like brakes, which are crucial for a truck that has almost 5.5 tonnes. For this season, Buggyra has started cooperation with a Brazilian company Frum. Between the first and second round of the European championship, the team’s experts and Adam Lacko worked closely together in two testing events at Most, to figure out the perfect settings for this important component.

“Since this year, we’re working on brakes development together with the Brazilian company Frum. They’re very experienced in this area, even as a main supplier for the prestigious Brazilian truck racing series. It’s a brand-new concept that we need to combine with our traditional Goldfren brake pads. Currently, the trucks are working on a highly sophisticated technological level, so we’re looking for every tenth,” explained Robin Dolejš, the head of development at Buggyra.

Hungaroring is a traditional truck racing destination, so a highly-experienced Adam Lacko returns to a territory that he knows very well. Last year, the event brought a huge drama, when the German driver Steffen Faas crashed into barriers in a full speed, and the second Saturday race did not take place at all.

The European champion believes that he can break his bad luck from Misano. And he has a reason for that. “We’ve done a lot of work on the chassis before the season. We have a new front axle, and the truck has a good turn-in. That could be an advantage at Hungaroring,” hopes the 37-year-old Lacko.

Meanwhile, his teammate Téo Calvet wants to deliver similar results as at Misano. His weekend at the Italian circuit was solid, as he brought home three Goodyear Cup winning trophies and a position of the overall leader of the category. “I’m really looking forward to Hungaroring. I want to continue in the same spirit as in the first race,” said the 21-year-old driver.

But the French driver had a busy last weekend. At the Charade circuit, he was helping as a mentor for Raphael Sous in the Buggyra Academy France as part of the French national championship. The Portuguese driver showed his talent, as he took the Buggyra truck to a victory in the Junior category, and three 2nd places. In the overall standings, he achieved three podium results.

Téo Calvet, the reigning French national champion, is going to take part in the series just a week after the European championship. And that will be for the special occasion of the Buggyra Academy France’s home track at Nogaro. And because the first weekend in July is going to offer another round of the European championship at Slovakia Ring, the young driver faces a really busy time.

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