Kumaran Medical Center Advises Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases During Winters

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

The best Multi-Specialty Hospital in Coimbatore – KMC (Kumaran Medical Center) focuses on raising a healthy society with their exemplary medical services. As part of this, the cardiology specialists – Dr. A. Eswaran MD., DNB (Cardio), FSCAI and Dr. K. Karthik MD., DNB (Cardiology) gives a vivid explanation and spread awareness about the high risk of heart attacks during winter. They state that the risk of heart attack is 30% higher during winter.


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Speaking of the main causes of heart attack in winter, Cardiologists Dr. A. Eswaran, and Dr. K. Karthik, Kumaran Medical Center said, as the body needs to keep warmth during winter, there will be an increased need of blood circulation. So, the heart works hard to circulate blood. The severe cold leads to shrinkage of the blood vessels. It also shrinks the blood vessel which supplies to the heart. Due to these actions, the heart is straining during winter, which could be one of the reasons for increased risk of heart attack

. As sweating is decreased during winter, the salt and water content in the body rise. It leads to increased blood pressure in the body. This is also an important reason to cause a heart attack in winter. During the cold season, hormonal changes occur in the body which will lead to a high risk of causing a blood clot. Because of the cold winter, many people fail to wake up in the early morning and they skip their regular exercises. Skipping their regular physical activities also increases the risk of a heart attack. Usually, the winter season stimulates appetite. Therefore, many people eat heavily and some unhealthy food habit may result in a high risk of heart attack.


The instructions given by the cardiologists to prevent heart disease in winter are given below

  • Aged people – who have got less muscle mass, cannot bear the severe cold. Hence, this leads to heart ailments.

  • People who are already having cardiac problems – are at a higher risk of heart attacks during cold weather.

  • People who smoke and consume alcohol – have an increased risk of cardiac diseases.

  • People who skip their regular exercises also results in a heart attack.


How to avoid cardiac problems during winter?


Recommendations by cardiologists of Kumaran Medical Center to take care of your heart

  • Avoid exposure to cold weather. If you want to go out, try to wear thermal clothes and cover yourself with sweaters, gloves, socks, and shoes,

  • Avoid doing heavy exercises during this cold weather.

  • It is necessary to do a cardiac check-up during winter season.

  • Winter causes flu and respiratory problems may increase the chance of heart attack. Hence, it is advisable to take a flu vaccine and avoid heart diseases during this season.

  • Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol during winter, which may increase the risk of cardiac attack.


Dr. A. Eswaran and Dr. K. Karthik requested the vulnerable people to follow the given recommendations to avoid the greater risk of heart attack during the winter.


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