KLAY’s 5th Edition of The International Summit on Early Years Aims to Create a Future Where Every Child’s Dreams Are Boundless and Realized


KLAY Centres for Child Development and Care announces the fifth edition of The International Summit on Early Years (ISEY), a virtual summit on early childhood education. Inspired and aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ISEY brings together childcare experts, facilitators, educators, and parents from around the globe, and aims to build and address provisions for inclusive and equitable quality education, fostering lifelong learning opportunities for all. The summit will strengthen the responsibilities of each stakeholder and enable inclusive practices by embracing creative and innovative approaches to spark the love for learning.

This chapter of ISEY focuses on Innovation for Inclusion. The event aims to celebrate and cherish every child’s learning journey to create a more equitable, inclusive, empowering, and transformative environment.


This edition will be graced by eminent speakers from across the industry, including Dr Kathy Cologon, Author of ‘Inclusive Education in the Early Years’, and Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education, Macquarie University, Dr Swaroop Rawal, Actor, Author and International Life Skills Educator, Padma Shastry, Director of Samam Vidya, Rajshree Anand, Banker & Special Educator, Shobhana Vaidyanathan, Former Director – Training at Indian Montessori Training Courses, among others.


Scheduled to take place on Friday, 8th September, 2023 from 9 AM to 6 PM, the summit features dynamic workshops, panel discussions and special addresses. Furthermore, KLAY’s Early Years’ Impact Awards will be presented across 3 categories, Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, and Health and Safety. The agenda for the virtual event includes:



  • Development of Life Skills in Every Child: A Necessary Tool for the 21st Century – Padma Shastry, Director, Samam Vidya

  • From the Heart of a Mother: A Journey of Collaboration Between Parents & Facilitators – Rajshree Anand, Banker & Special Educator

  • Diverse Pathways of Learning: Empowering Children of All Abilities – Shobhana Vaidyanathan, Former Director – Training at Indian Montessori Training Courses – Chennai


Summit Agenda

  • Welcome Note – AK Srikanth, CEO, KLAY Centre for Child Development and Care

  • Introduction to the theme of ISEY 2023 – Meghna Yadav, Head of Training & Development, IECED

  • Keynote Address – Dr Kathy Cologon on Creating Inclusive Early Childhood Communities

  • KLAY Early Years’ Impact Awards

  • Panel Discussion on Building Inclusive Early Learning Environments: Fostering Collaboration Among Parents, Educators, and Communities – Debashree Bhattacharya – Disability Professional, Social Entrepreneur, Life Skills Coach; Uttara Shidore – Disability Inclusion Consultant; Sarbani Mukherjee Mallick – Founder, Director and Managing Trustee at Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust; Sayomdeb Mukherjee – Senior Manager, Enable India

  • Live in Conversation with Dr Swaroop Rawal – Actor, Author, International Life Skills Educator

  • Closing Note – Meghna Yadav, Head of Training & Development, IECED


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ISEY addresses the ever-evolving landscape of education and presents a need to curate learning experiences via innovative and inclusive approaches, thereby making early education a journey of wonder and excitement. KLAY Together, KLAY’s newly launched diversity and inclusion initiative, is reflected in this year’s summit theme. Their aim through this initiative is to foster a diverse and supportive environment for neuro-divergent children, nurture and empower their transformative learning journey, and shape the future of early childhood worldwide.


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